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Benulal Dhar
1961,  Male ,  Indian ,  Assistant Professor

Benulal Dhar is a senior faculty and teaches philosophy at Sukanta Mahavidyalaya (University of North Bengal), West Bengal, India. He works in the area of philosophy of human rights and phenomenological ethics. He was a recipient of DAAD fellowship under Indo-German Cultural Exchange Programme and studied philosophy sometime at Tübingen University, Germany. He is the author of Phenomenological Ethics (2008), The Central Themes of Material Ethics: Values, Experience, and Person (2011) and a number of research papers published in reputed academic journals.

Received DAAD fellowship under Indo-German cultural Exchange Programme and studied sometime at Tübingen University, Germany.


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8. Book Review
Ranjan K. Ghosh: Great Indian Thinker on Art, Sandeep Prakashan, Delhi 2006, Published in Philosophical Papers, vol. VIII, 2011.

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