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Indian Thought Between Tradition and the Culture of Technology

by: David L. Johnson

It is a socio-cultural study of the contemporary Indian society in the context of the invasion of the ‘culture of technology’. Analysing the reactions of Gandhi, Aurobindo, etc., it offers a futuristic assessment of the problem.



ISBN: 9788124600467
Year Of Publication: 1995
Edition: 1st
Pages : 140
Bibliographic Details : Bibliography; Index
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Size: 23 cm.
Weight: 300


The book is a brilliant socio-cultural study of the contemporary Indian society in the context of the invasion of the “culture of technology”. The recent spate of technological advancements involves much more than the mere use of lifeless mechines. It is an inculcation of a constellation of values and ideas — a new culture. In a tradition-bound society like India the “culture of technology” is looked at with panic and suspicion. The phenomenon of dehumanisation and the erosion of human values associated with this culture seems to confuse the Indian mind. Yet, India has not been able to withhold the march of this culture. Dr. Johnson makes a penetrating analysis of the Indian predicament with reference to the reactions of Gandhi, Sri Aurobindo and Jayaprakash Narayan; and offers a futuristic assessment of the problem. He argues that the solution lies not in dismissing the “culture of technology” but in incorporating it within the fabric of tradition, so that India can keep pace with the time. He tackles the problem by delving deep into the intracies of the matter of tradition and technology; and spells out the changes required in our traditional way of looking at things. The book is very contemporary in its approach and reflects a rare kind of optimism about India’s potentialities in facing the problem.


1. The Culture of Technology
Technology in Social and Cultural Change: The Steam Engine, the Factory, and Work
The Question of Technological Determinism
The ‘Hard’ Determinist Argument
The ‘Soft’ Determinist Argument
The New Tribalism of a Technological Culture
Human Freedom and the Culture of Technology
2. How India was made English to Make it Modern
Education and Company Policy
The Revival of Indian Culture
3. Mahatma Gandhi and the Culture of Technology
Morality and the Nature of Truth
Truth-Seeking and Political Activity
Truth-Seeking and Life with Technology
4. Aurobindo and the Quest for Superhuman Life
Aurobindo the Freedom-Fighter
Aurobindo and the Future Evolution of Human Life
Mystical Conclusions and Cognitive Issues
5. Jayaprakash Narayan and Gandhian Reconstruction
Gandhism and Tradition
6. India’s Future in the Culture of Technology

Meet the Author
A scholar of Asian Studies, Professor D. L. Johnson obtained a Ph. D. degree from The University of Iowa. He holds the A. B. degree in English Literature and in Religious Studies from Aubsburg College of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
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