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Agneya-Kona of Bharatavarsha

by: Jitamitra Prasad Singh Deo

This book is a study on the cultural developments of Agneya-Kona (the south-east India), where Orissa is the centre, and their contributions to the development of humanity. It studies the rise and spread of different cults and states that the culture of Agneya-Kona was older than the Sumerian Civilization.



ISBN: 9788124606636
Year Of Publication: 2013
Edition: 1st
Pages : xvi, 260
Bibliographic Details : Glossary; Bibliography; Index
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
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Weight: 850


The book focuses on the cultural developments of Agneya-Kona (the south-east India) and their contributions to the development of humanity, and highlights the concocted history of Bharatavarsha, especially of Agneya-Kona.
The author projects many artefacts to substantiate his theory. Many archaeological findings Þ the pre-historic rock painting of Gudahandi, images of female figurines, along with circular discs, and nude female figurines — are cases in point. Female principle was worshipped in the Mahanadi Valley both in aniconic and iconic forms.
Agneya-Kona has contributed significantly to the growth of the tantric worship. In the pre-historic rock painting of Gudahandi, there is a trace of Yoga, especially Kundalini Yoga. The book details the spiritual and yogic culture of Orissa, the formative phase of Purushottama Jagannatha culture, the impact of Narasimha culture, yoni tantra traditions of the Central Mahanadi Valley and the spiritual relationship of Kalahandi with Candipur Tara-Pitha of Birbhum.
A Sumerian temple that imbibed the form of Lord Purushottama Jagannatha is in highlight, and the author makes a strong statement that the culture of the region is older than the Sumerian Civilization.
The book is a source of inspiration for archaeologists and historians, who want to study more about south-east India, and students, teachers and researchers of arts and culture.


List of Illustrations
1. The Boden Block Area and the Yogic Tradition
2. Traces of Spiritual Kundalini in the Kalahandi Region
3. Rethinking on the Aryan Race Theory
4. Bharatavarsha Civilization and Its Impact on the Ancient World
5. Spiritual and Yogic Cultures of Orissa
6. Form of Lord Purushottama Jagannatha at a Sumerian Temple Ruin Site
7. Kotsamlai Area and the Formative Phase of the Purushottama Jagannatha Cult
8. Impact of Narasimha Cult on Orissan Culture
9. Syncretic Cultural History of Orissa Province, the Centre of Agneya-Kona
10. Yoni Tantra Traditions in the Central Mahanadi Valley and Kamakhya
11. Spiritual Relationship of Kalahandi with Candipur Tara Pitha of Birbhum
12. Jyoti Darshana of Prafulla Chandra Bhanja Deva and the Archaeological Discoveries
13. A Grave Folly of Kedarnath Mahapatra
14. Two Academical Follies
I: Chronology of the History of Bharatavarsha, Since Its Origin
II: Panca Sagara Tirtha (The Pilgrimage of Five Oceans)
III: Sixty-four Sexual Bandhas in Pancashayaka

Meet the Author
Jitamitra Prasad Singh Deo, the President of Khariar Sahitya Samiti, is an enthusiastic amateur archaeologist. He is credited with the discovery of the pre-historic Rock art of Yogimath Donger, Ghat Ghumar rock art, copper plates, gold coins of Shatabhapuriya dynasty, clay seal, stone seal of Panduvamshi dynasty, Kalachuri coins, terracotas, beads and sculptures of various types. His extensive collection of archaeological remains has been displayed in the Khariar Branch Museum in Orissa, a museum specially constructed for this purpose. An author of various informative books, viz. Cultural Profile of South Koshala, Origin of Jagannath Deity, Tantric Art of Orissa, and Character Assasination in Modern History of Orissa, he has also contributed to different research journals, bulletins, periodicals, magazines and newspapers.
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