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Kama in the Land of Kamakala

by: Jitamitra Prasad Singh Deo

The entire Mahanadi River Valley is stated to be the land of Kamakala (art of desire), Uddiyana-Pitha (the sites where Lord Shiva resides in the Yogini cult) and erotic art. Based on a deep study of archaeological remains, this book reveals the contribution of the Valley to the origin of esoteric yogic sadhanas.



ISBN: 9788124606803
Year Of Publication: 2013
Edition: 1st
Pages : xvi, 312p.
Bibliographic Details : 66 b/w photographs; Glossary; Bibliography; Index
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Size: 25 cm.
Weight: 1000


The entire Mahanadi River Valley is stated to be the land of Kamakala, Uddiyana-Pitha and erotic art. Kamakala means the art of desire; the divine Kamakala is symbolized in the shape of two circular components, the overall shape signifying the union of male and female principles. The Uddiyana-Pitha refers to sites where Lord Shiva resides in the Yogini cult that developed in this region.
The volume reveals the contributions of the Mahanadi River Valley to the origin of esoteric yogic sadhanas (spiritual practice). Based on a deep study of archaeological remains which include numerous antiquities like sculptures, the book examines the origin and development of the Yoginã cult in the Mahanadi River Valley, laying stress on the Yoginis’ representation of the cosmic creative forces. It delves into the evolution of the Bhairava cult, the Ganapatya Tantra in Orissa, role of Mattamayura Shaivism there, and the origin of the Purushottama Jagannatha cult. Exploring the aspects of sensuousness in art and its link to the tantric cults, it scrutinizes the development of erotic art in Orissa, examining erotic sculptures, erotic art in wood and palm-leaf manuscripts. Abundant in references to ancient texts and modern scholarly works on the subject and with numerous illustrations, this intensive work also explains numerous terms and differences between words and concepts in an attempt to present a thorough study of the subject.
It is a good reference for those who are interested in the history of Orissa and various cults of worship, and students and teachers of arts and history, and researchers on Orissan culture, which is wide and varied.


List of Plates and Figures
1. The Land of Kamakala and Uddiyana-Pitha
2. The Land of Kamakala and Yogini Cult
3. Yoginis of the Purushottama Jagannatha Temple
4. Yoginis and the Cosmic Creative Forces
5. Rare Sculptural Arts
6. Bhairava Cult and Ganapatya Tantra in Orissa
7. Mattamayura Saivism in Mahanadã Valley
8. Kosali Style of Temple Architecture
9. Mysticism of the Tantric Temples of Baudh
10. Impact of Natha Cult on the Mahanadi Valley
11. Land of Kamakala: Originator of Purushottama-Jagannatha Cult
12. Jayadeva and: the Gita-Govinda
13. The Erection of the Sun Temple in a Folk Tale
14. Erotic Art and the Land of Kamakala
15. Erotic Art in Sculptures, Wood and Palm Leaf Manuscripts
16. Kamakhya and the Yoga of Sexual Transformation
17. Sensuousness in Art

Meet the Author
Jitamitra Prasad Singh Deo, the President of Khariar Sahitya Samiti, is an enthusiastic amateur archaeologist. He is credited with the discovery of the pre-historic Rock art of Yogimath Donger, Ghat Ghumar rock art, copper plates, gold coins of Shatabhapuriya dynasty, clay seal, stone seal of Panduvamshi dynasty, Kalachuri coins, terracotas, beads and sculptures of various types. His extensive collection of archaeological remains has been displayed in the Khariar Branch Museum in Orissa, a museum specially constructed for this purpose. An author of various informative books, viz. Cultural Profile of South Koshala, Origin of Jagannath Deity, Tantric Art of Orissa, and Character Assasination in Modern History of Orissa, he has also contributed to different research journals, bulletins, periodicals, magazines and newspapers.
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