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Ajithan P.I.
1979,  Male ,  Indian ,  Research Associate, Shripuram (Tantra Research Centre)

Ajithan P.I. is a scholar in Tantra philosophy and rituals. He got his PhD for the thesis “Ritualistic Tradition of Tantra in Kerala” and degrees of MA and MPhil (in Sanskrit) from Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady, Kerala. He has to his credit half a dozen articles published in different journals. Dr Ajithan has attended numerous seminars and conferences, presenting papers. He had a short stint as Guest Lecturer, Department of Sanskrit, University of Calicut and chaired a session on Classical Literature in the 11th Prof. NVP Unithiri Endowment All Kerala Oriental Conference, 2016.


1. Elements of Shaivism in Kalidasa’s Works, Sri Venkatesvara University Oriental Journal, Vol. LII, 2009.
2. Non-Vedic Origin of Tantrism: Journal of Research in Sanskrit, Vol. III, 2009.
3. The Role of Initiation in Pre-Tantrasamuccaya Kerala Tantric Literature, Samskritakairali: An Annual Journal for Indological Studies, Vol. I, 2011.
4. The Term Tantra and its Shades of Meanings: A Search into Early Scriptures of Ayurveda and Tantra, Samskritakairali, Vol. III, 2013.
5. Rurujit Temples of Kerala: A Religious site of co-existence of Krama Tantrism of Kashmir and Matritantra of Brahmayamala, Samskritakairali, Vol. V, 2017.

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