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Marta Vannucci
1921,  Female ,  Italian, Brazilian ,  Retired from University of S. Paulo (Brazil) and from UNESCO (Senior Expert)

Dr Marta Vannucci is a globally distinguished biological oceanographer who has been UNESCO’s Senior Expert (Marine Sciences) and was a member of oceanographic research cruises in the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans. She has been engrossed in studies in the libraries, archives, museums and universities of Florence, Italy and India aided by a grasp over almost all Latin and Greek derived languages, English and German. She has been honoured with the prestigious Grand Cross of the “Order of Merit in Science” of Brazil. She is Italian born and has been resident in India since 1970.

In Brazil, Mexico, India


Honorary Adviser of the International Society for Mangrove Ecosystem (ISME) – Ikinowa, Japan.
Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom (life member)
Life member of several other Scientific Societies.

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