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History Today (Vol. 7: 2006)

Journal of the Indian History and Culture Society by: Vandana Kaushik

An annual journal of the Indian History and Culture Society, has able to found its niche in the scholars of Indian history in a short span of four years. It carries fascinating, meticulously documented studies unveiling the treasure of historical facts in all its variegated evolutionary expressions and presenting fresh approaches to understanding and interpreting historical information and evidences. Which significantly contribute in apprising the readers about the history of India.



ISBN: 9788124605134
Year Of Publication: 2006
Edition: 1st
Pages : vi, 139
Language : English
Binding : Paperback
Publisher: Indian History and Culture Society
Size: 28 cm.
Weight: 450


History Today, the journal of the 28-year-old Indian History and Culture Society, is devoted to History and Historical Archaeology. So far, five volumes of this journal and seven volumes of its proceedings have been published. The eminent historians who have been closely connected with it are Prefessors G.C. Pande, Devahuti, D.P. Singhal, A.K. Narain, B.P. Sinha, T.V. Mahalingam, R.C. Majumdar, V.V. Mirashi, K.D. Bajpai, T.K. Ravindran, A.V. Narasimhamurthy, A. Sundara, K.S. Lal, B.N. Mukherji, Mani Kamerkar, K.V. Raman, D.N. Tripathi, Ajaya Mitra Shastri, Lallanji Gopal, M.G.S. Narayanan, R. Nath, V.S. Pathak, Satish Mittal, G. Khurana, A.R. Khan, Y. Krishan, Sudha Mallaya, Vandana Kaushik, Sulochana Radhakrishanan, Rajesh Jamindar, Sunil Gupta, D.V. Sharma and many others whose contributions are well-known all over the world. The subjects covered in the articles published in these volumes include the history and archeology of not only the Ancient Period but also Medieval and Modern periods of Indian history. The papers are theoretical, HH analytical, critical, debatable, controversial and source-meterial oriented. Historical archaeology, including those concerning Early Historical and Medieval periods, also finds an important place in this journal. The subjects covered in this journal are Literature, Linguistics, Education, Anthropology, Tradition, Religion, Culture, Society, Economics, Art, Architecture, Folklore and other related disciplines. Thus, the canvas of this journal is very vast and every one interested in Indian history and historical archeology in Indian history and historical archaeology stands to benefit immensely from this journal.


1. India: One Nation or many Nationalities? Ancient Sources and Modern Analysis
— Dileep Karanth
2. Historicity and Divinity: Missionary Readings of Indian Scripture
— Shiv Shakti Nath Bakshi
3. Administration and the Administrative Set-up under the Maitrakas
— Pankaj Sharma & Manmohan Kumar
4. Warp and Woof of Textile in India from Prehistoric Times
— Bhagwan Singh
5. Nomenclature of Temple Deities: A Study
— C.S. Aparna
6. The Ancient Seaport of Muziris: A Reappraisal
— S. Vijaykumar
7. Revering the River: The Unique Boat Motif on the Devi Sculptures of the Mhadei River Valley of Goa
— Pratima Kamat
8. Women’s Rights to Divorce in Islam
— Saroj Gulati
9. Prices and Wages in Early 19th Century Hyderabad State
— Vandana Kaushik
10. Madras Merchants and English Trade on The Coromandel
— G. Venkataraman
11. Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Secularism
–Y. Krishan
12. Misrepresentation of Ancient India in American School Textbooks
–Vishal Agarwal
13. Terracotta Figurines from Udayagiri, District Jaipur, Orissa
— P.K. Trivedi and S. Khamari
14. Monastic Complex at Lalitgiri (Orissa): A Comparative Study
— Milan Chauley
15. Water management and Hydraulic Technology in Ancient Orissa (400 bc to 600 ad)
— Baba Mishra
Notes, News and New Source-Material
1.Recent Archaeological Explorations in Bihar
— Niraj Kumar Sinha & Jalaj Kumar Tiwari
2.The Earliest Hero Stones of India
— K. Rajan, V.P. Yatheeskumar, S. Selvakumar
3. A Copper Mirror and An Iron Lamp-stand from Agiabir, Distt. Mirjapur, U.P.
— Ashok Kumar Singh
4. Association of Vishnu with Mahishamardini in a Mathura Panel
— R.C. Agarwala
Workshop on Buddhist Art & Architecture
Book Reviews

Meet the Author
Dr Vandana Kaushik, General Secretary of Indian History and Culture Society and editor- in-chief of History Today, is a senior Reader in the Department of History, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee College, University of Delhi. She has published more than a dozen research papers in various academic journals and has attended and presided several National and International academic conferences. Her area of specialization is Medieval Indian History.