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History Today (Vol. 13: 2012)

Journal of the Indian History and Culture Society by: Vandana Kaushik

History Today is a journal devoted to History, Historical Archaeology, Studies of Manuscripts, Education, Literature, Linguistics, etc. The present volume is a reprint of an earlier issue containing ten articles written by eminent historians and art lovers.



ISBN: 9788124607794
Year Of Publication: 2012
Edition: 1st
Pages : vi, 154p.
Language : English
Binding : Paperback
Publisher: Indian History and Culture Society
Size: 28 cm.
Weight: 650


History Today is an official organ of the Indian History and Culture Society that is sincerely and single-mindedly devoted to history, historical archaeology, studies of manuscripts, education, literature, linguistics, etc.
The present volume, being a reprint of an earlier issue, contains eight articles written by eminent historians and art lovers. The subjects vary from Pattern of Urban Growth in northern India; shifting contours of Temple Patronage in Rajasthan; Tawaif and Khawas in erstwhile Hyderabad State; Islam and Islamic Iconoclasm in India; Prof. Habib’s reaction to ASI’s Report on Ayodhya; a critique of Habib’s reaction; Rejection of Caste Inequalities by the Sikh Gurus; and use of Plastering Materials in Ancient India. The volume also carries Notes, News and New Source Material on the above topics.
The annual History Today journal has already published eight issues consecutively and has received high acclaim among historians, researchers and students.


Medical Evidence as a Decisive Determinant of Historicity in Ancient Texts: Trimethylaminuria in the Mahabharata
— Ramakrishnan Sitaraman
Depiction of Atthathana Scenes in Stone Sculptures of Bagan
— Vinay Kumar Rao
Development of Economic Organisations and their role in Human Empowerment during the Gupta Period
— Ankit Agarwal
Narrative Reliefs Depicting Krsna-lila in the Art of Mathura
— Vinay Kumar Gupta
Dipiction of Dream in Indian Art
— Thomas B. Parmar
A Unique Jaina Caumukha/Caumukhi or Caturmukha or Sarvatobhadra-Pratima from Sundarban, District South 24 Parganas, West Bengal
— Shubha Majumder
Newly Discovered Maitreya Image from Amdanga, District North 24 Parganas, West Bengal
— Pampa Biswas
Comparative Study of the Temples of Central India and Kashmir during Medieval Period
— A.K. Singh
Some Remarks on the Dasavatara images of Visnu represented at Anhilwara-Patan
— Simona Ferraro
Revisting Mud Forts of Chhattisgarh
— Atula Kumar Pradhan, Shivakant Bajpai
Reconstructing The Early Medieval History of Chanderi
— Ranbeer Singh and Goutami Bhattacharya
Tiruvananthapuram: Growth of a Sacred City
— G. Gopi Krishna
Marathi Women Saint Poets with special reference to Bahinabai
— Saroj Gulati
Coming of Hinduism and its Impact on The Society and Culture of Manipur
— M. Ranjana, L. Basanti Devi
Overview of Goddesses Jyestha and Kanistha: Religion and Practice
— Tanashree Redij
Review of the Pre-Industrial Iron Smelting Activities of Eastern India: A Case Study on the Asur-Birjhia Tribes of Bishunpur, Ranchi
— Dipsikha Acharya
A Glance at the English Nationalist Writings banned by the British during the Non Co-operation Movement
— Manisha Pandey
The Arab Spring: A Revolution of Unrest Across Arab States
— K.N. Dikshit and Asha Joshi
Anna Hazare: The Unending Fight
— Meeta Mishra
Notes, News and New Source Material
Report of the XXXVI Annual Conference of Indian History and Culture Society
Book Reviews
Balance Sheet
New Life Members

Meet the Author
Dr Vandana Kaushik, General Secretary of Indian History and Culture Society and editor- in-chief of History Today, is a senior Reader in the Department of History, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee College, University of Delhi. She has published more than a dozen research papers in various academic journals and has attended and presided several National and International academic conferences. Her area of specialization is Medieval Indian History.