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R.C. Hiremath
1920,  Male ,  Indian

Dr. R.C. Hiremath, a former Vice-Chancellor of Karnatak University, some time National Fellow, is a well-known scholar. After a distinguished career at the University of Bombay, he took his Ph.D. at the Karnatak University, and had his post-doctoral training in Modern Linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley, USA. Dr. Hiremath has taught and administered for 30 years in Karnataka, and has an impressive volume of scholarly publications – both creative and critical – to his credit.

Karnataka Janapad Academy 1995
Mangal Kirti Award of Shivayogmandir 1995
Mythic Society Bangalore
Karnataka State Award 1985
Karnataka Rajyostav Prashasti 1971
Vishwa Kannada Conference Prashasti 1985


1. Member of Linguistics Society of America
2. Member Kannada-Kannada Dictionary Bangalore
3. Member Central Sahitya Akademy, New Delhi
4. Secretary Association of Dravidian Linguistics Trivendrum.
5. Former Member of the Syndicate Karnataka University, Dharwad.

1. Tirukkurol and Basaveshwar Vachanaglu – Proceedings of the Seminor, Madras1. Tirukkurol and Basaveshwar Vachanaglu – Proceedings of the Seminor, Madras.

2. Compound verb in Kannada – Proceedings of the Seminor, Annamalai Nagar.

3. Problems of local contact dialects – Proceedings of the Seminor on languages Society, Simla.

4. Problems of  the  Unrecognised local contact Language – Translation of the Indian institution of Advanced Study, Simla.

5. Linguistics Alternations – Proceedings of the Seminor of  Dialect survey, Patiala.

6. Linguistics Investigation of Some Place names in Karnatak – Journals of Indian history  xxxi.

7. Vowel Phonomes in Kannada – Journals of  KUD 1-2.

8. Volues in Kannada Literature : Ancient and Modern – Journals of  KUD. IV-2.

9. Place name in Karnataka    – Studies in Indian Linguistics.

10. An adumbration of some problems in Kannada Graphemics – Journals of  KUD. XIII.

11. The Role of University in the integrated Rural Development.

12. Formation of adverbs in Kannada – Deuon College, Poona.

13. Compound  verses in Kannada – Winter seminar of Linguistics, Poona.

14. Library building An Academic Achievement – Timeless Fellowship X.

15. Basavageeta and Bhagavadgeeta    – All India Oriental Conference Proceedings  XVII.

16. Another View of Kannada – Transactions of the Indian Institute of Advance Study, Vol. V.

17. Three Special Lecture on Linguistics Mysore University.

18. Three special  Lecture on Vachana Literature,    Mysore University.

19. Place Names In Kannada Karnatak University Journal – 1953.

20. Formation of Adverbs In Kannada Deccan college, Poona – 1957.

21. Dharwad and Bijapur Kannada Golden Jublee Vol. Mysore University – 1967.

22. Place Names In Karnatak – 1967 Prof  M. B. Emeneau, commeration Volume.

23. Modernity in Kannada Literature Indian Institution of Advenced Study, Simla.

24. Vowel Phonems in Kannada.

25. Sri  Basaveshwar – A Biography.

26. Value in Kannada Literature.

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