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Archaeology of Mayurbhanj

by: Prabodh Kumar Mishra

This book delves into the rich antiquity of Mayurbhanj as evident in its archaeological discoveries. It discusses how the patronage of enlightened rulers helped archaeologist-scholars like K.P. Bose to unravel Mayurbhanj’s ancient wealth.



ISBN: 9788124600849
Year Of Publication: 1997
Edition: 1st
Pages : xv, 140
Bibliographic Details : 49 B/w photographs; Map; 3 Line-drawings; Appendix; Bibliography; Index
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Size: 25 cm.
Weight: 550


Mayurbhanj, the leading princely state of Orissa in the pre-independence days, heroically encountered the twists and turns of history under the peacock-emblemed Bhanjas and continued to flourish for many centuries as an independent sub-regional kingdom, enriching Orissan history and culture in the tribal-dominated region. Today, the splendour of ancient Mayurbhanj (Khijjinga mandala) can be sought in its archaeological treasures — that is, fascinating Stone Age tools, copper plate inscriptions, Roman, Kushana and Gupta coins, and spectacular monuments with intricate sculptural work. Professor P.K. Mishra, in this book, attempts to delve into the rich antiquity of Mayurbhanj as evident in its archaeological discoveries that have had a great impact on Orissan culture. The author discusses how under the patronage of enlightened rulers like Maharaja Sriramachandra Bhanj Deo and Purna Candra Bhanj Deo, committed archaeologist-scholars like Kamakshya Prasad Bose, R.P. Chanda, Sailendra Prasad Bose undertook pioneering and painstaking efforts to lay bare Mayurbhanj’s ancient wealth. He unfurls the story of Mayurbhanj’s discovery in a vivid and interesting account while, at the same time, providing new light on the archaeological excavation and conservation. This work, explaining the rich, intricate past of an area of historical importance, is bound to inspire as well as provide useful information to scholars and researchers involved in Indian history. A very lucid language with constant flow and about 50 photographic representations enhance the value of the book.


Map of Orissa
List of Visuals
1. Historical Background
The Bhanjas
2. Archaeology of Haripur
3. Archaeology of Khicing
Reconstruction and Conservation of Temples
The Great Temple
Excavation and Exploration
4. Epilogue
Monuments and Sculpture

Meet the Author
Prof. Prabodh Kumar Mishra (born: 1937), Professor of History at the Sambalpur University, is a reputed scholar of Indology and an expert in Orissan history and culture. Associated with various prestigious societies and organisations like the Indian History Congress and Numismatic Society of India, he has been the President of the Orissa History Congress for the years 1986-87 and 1995-96; and Vice-President of the South Indian History Congress for 1982-84. Prof. Mishra has written a number of books which include Evolution of Orissa and Her Culture; Culture, Tribal History and Freedom Movement; Heritage of India (2 Vols.); Aspects of Indian History and Historiography; etc. His latest work Comprehensive History and Culture of Orissa (in two volumes) is in press.
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