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Sakta Contribution to Varanasi

by: Ramesh Chandra Sharma , Pranati Ghosal

The worship of Shakti (Mother Goddess) is almost a universal phenomenon and its manifestation is seen in different forms. This book incorporates a number of papers on multiple aspects of øàkta traditions practised in Varanasi continuing from hoary past to-date.



ISBN: 9788124603437
Year Of Publication: 2006
Edition: 1st
Pages : xii, 148
Bibliographic Details : 24 B/w photos; Index
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Size: 23 cm.
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The worship of Shakti (mother Goddess) is almost a universal phenomenon and its manifestation is seen in different forms. Indian contribution has also been laudable and it is amply noticed through the figures of Mother-Goddesses even from the pre-Indus Culture. This was followed in the subsequent ages throughout India, and Varanasi being a great religious centre has also left an indelible imprint in this regard. This book incorporates a good number of papers on multiple aspects of Shakta traditions practised in Varanasi continuing from hoary past to-date. Beside philosophical, religious and cultural leanings the contents expose the iconographic, ritualistic and artistic rendering of the Divine Mother. Kashi or Varanasi has been a stronghold of religious and spiritual fervour; and several religious sects have contributed to its present texture. Saktism has also been a forceful current in the cultural stream of this holy city. This is evidenced by several Devi temples, Shakti-pithas, yantras, fairs and festivals associated with the worship of Mother-Goddess.


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1. Kashi and Shakta Contribution — An Introduction
— Vidyanivas Mishra
2. Kashi as Shaktipitha
— Kamla Pandey
3. Fasts and Festivals of Goddess in Varanasi
— B. S. Mehta
4. Devi-Yantra in Kashi
— Pramod Giri
5. Shakti Images from Varanasi: A Case Study of Bharat Kala Bhawan Sculptures
— T.K. Biswas
6. Shakti Figures in the Sarnath Museum
— R.C. Sharma
7. Devi in the Wall Painting Art of Kashi
— Kamal Giri
8. Images of Jaina Goddesses in Kashi
— M. N. P. Tiwari
9. Shakti in the Folk Songs of Kashi
— Kusum Giri
10. Chief Shakta Exponents of Kashi
— H.N. Chakravarty
11. Some Distinctive Methods of Shakti Worship: Family Rituals of the Maharashtrians
in Kashi
— N. P. Joshi
12. Symbols and Shakti Worship
— N.C. Panda
13. Ritual Materials in Shakti Worship
— Sukumar Chattopadhyay
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Meet the Author
Dr. R.C. Sharma, educated and trained at Varanasi, Calcutta, and Paris, is the Director General of the National Museum and Vice-Chairman/Vice-Chancellor of the National Museum Institute, New Delhi. He is also the Chairman of the Vrindaban Research Institute and President, Museums Association of India, an apex professional body in India. He has been the Curator, Government Museum, Mathura; Director, State Museum, Lucknow; and Director, Indian Museum, Calcutta; He has also been associated with a number of central and state organisations and universities in different capacities. Dr. Sharma, the author of several books, catalogues and albums, made enormous contribution in the field of Indian history, art, culture, archaeology, inscriptions, paintings & literature and has also edited research journals on these subjects. He is the research guide and examiner of doctoral dissertations of different universities. Dr. Sharma has organised and participated in numerous national and international seminars, delivered prestigious memorial lectures and has travelled to different parts of the world in connection with conferences, cultural delegations, lectures and mounting of important exhibitions.
Dr. Pranati Ghosal (1956- ) is a promising scholar in the field of Sanskrit, and in Vedic Studies in particular, and is presently working with the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Varanasi. She is the co-editor of the Annual Bulletin and Proceedings of a number of seminars organised at Jnana-Pravaha. She has co-edited the recently published volume on Buddhism and Gandhara Art, Interaction Between Brahmanical and Buddhist Art, and Sakta Contribution to Varanasi. Dr. Ghosal has authored Jada-Bharata’s Prasnavali: A Text on Advaita Vedanta, and several research papers which have been highly rated for their academic value and have appeared in reputed journals and bulletins.