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Pranati Ghosal
1956,  Female ,  Indian ,  Senior Research Asst. (Kalakosa Div.) IGNCA, Varanasi

Dr. Pranati Ghosal (1956- ) is a promising scholar in the field of Sanskrit, and in Vedic Studies in particular, and is presently working with the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Varanasi. She is the co-editor of the Annual Bulletin and Proceedings of a number of seminars organised at Jnana-Pravaha. She has co-edited the recently published volume on Buddhism and Gandhara Art, Interaction Between Brahmanical and Buddhist Art, and Sakta Contribution to Varanasi. Dr. Ghosal has authored Jada-Bharata’s Prasnavali: A Text on Advaita Vedanta, and several research papers which have been highly rated for their academic value and have appeared in reputed journals and bulletins.

1. Mrs. Emmerson Memorial Award for securing Highest Marks in Arts Faculty, Bethune College, Calcutta, 1976
2. Golokchand Ghosh Memorial Medal for securing 1st Position in Vedanta Group, M.A. Exam, Calcutta University, 1980.
3. Gold Medal for being 1st in M.Phil Exam Ravindra Bharati, 1992
4. Acharya Panchanan Shastri Memorial Award for being 1st in Panchanan Shastri Memorial All India Essay contest from Lok Bhasha Prachar Samiti; Puri & Deptt. of Philosophy Yadavpur University, Calcutta, 1992
5-8. U.G. Rahurkar Award in Vedanta Section for being First in Essay contest held in Phile Religion Section in AIOC Pune 1993, AIOC Rohtak 1994, AIOC Baroda 1998, and AIOC Chennai 2000


1. Member, Sanskrit Sahitya Parishad, Kolkata
2. Member, Asiatic Society Kolkata
3. Member, Bangiya Sahitya Samaj, Varanasi

1. Import of the term Aksara in Upanishadic Context, Vishveshvarananda Indological Journal of V.V.B.I.S & I.S.,Vol. XXIX, 1995
2. Import of the term Jyoti in Upanishadic Context, Oriental Journal of Sri Venkataesvara University, Vol. XL, 1997
3. Import of the term Jnana in Upanishadic Context, Vishvesvarananda Indological Journal of V.V.B.I.S. &I.S., Vol. XXXIV, 2000
4. Attitude of Yogavasistha Towards Human Endeavour, Jnana Pravaha Annual Bulletin, No. 3, 2000
5. Varnasramavyavastha – As Reflected in Kurma Purana, J.P. Annual Bulletin No. 4, 2001
6. Traces of Vedic Thoughts and Traditions as Reflected in Kalidasa, J.P. Annual Bulletin No. 5, 2002
7. Monistic Concepts in Vishnu Purana, J.P. Annual Bulletin no. 6, 2003
8. Concept of Bhuman in Chandogyopanishad, Vishveshvarananda, Indological Journal of V.V.B.I.S. & I.S., Vol. XXXVIII, 2003
9. Society of Gandhara Region in Buddhism and Gandhara Art (Seminar Proceedings of International Conference on Buddhism and Gandhara Art), Delhi, 2004

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