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Origin of Indian Civilization

by: Bal Ram Singh

This volume comprises papers that explore various aspects relating to the origin and ancientness of the Indian civilization. It examines the Aryan invasion theory in detail and presents evidence and arguments against this theory.



ISBN: 9788124605608
Year Of Publication: 2010
Edition: 1st
Pages : x, 302, [8]
Bibliographic Details : 39 b/w and col. map; 23 b/w and col. Photographs; Index
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
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India’s civilization has had a long existence that is documented in a huge amount and variety of literature, its scientific advancements over the centuries, its continuing cultural practices and preservation of art and music. This volume comprises papers that explore various aspects relating to the origin and ancientness of the Indian civilization.
Scholars here present diverse perspectives to delve into the contentions and controversies that surround questions such as the one concerning the origin of the Aryans. The papers examine the events that gave rise to the Aryan invasion theory and debunk the theory as a myth and present evidence and arguments supporting the theory that the Rigveda was composed in its bulk in the fourth millennium bce. An effort focuses on the problem of identifying the earliest region of the Aryan ecumene or homeland, including that of identifying its epicentre in India. Incorporating the latest research in history, archaeology, philosophy, genetics, and other disciplines, the papers explain the origin and evolution of the idea of the ancient South Asian city. Quoting from the epic literature, they attempt to derive the date of the Mahabharata War on the basis of the numerous astronomical references in the epic. They also analyze patterns of Y-chromosome diversity in the contemporary South Asian gene pool to throw light on migrations of modern humans within South-west Asia.
Accompanied by maps and other illustrations, the volume will interest scholars from a range of disciplines who are keen to study the origin and evolution of Indian civilization and culture.


— Bal Ram Singh
— Bal Ram Singh
1. An Ostrich-like Attitude is Perpetuating the “Aryan Invasion” Myth
— B.B. Lal
2. Dating the Rigveda and Indigenism
— Nicholas Kazanas
3. The Idea of the Ancient South Asian City
— Piotr A. Eltsov
4. The Dilemmas of Aryan Ecumene and Epicentre
— Shiva Bajpai
5. The Aryan Myth In Perspective: History, Science and Politics
— N.S. Rajaram
6. Aryans and Ancestral Angst: The Obligation of Identity Construction
— Yvette C. Rosser
7. The Mahabharata War: Its Date on the basis on Astronomical References
— B.N. Narahari Achar
8. Patterns of Y-Chromosome Diversity in The contemporary South Asiam Gene Pool
— Peter A. Underhill
9. Aryan Gene Pool in Indian Populations — Myth or Reality Genetic Evidences
from the subcontinent
— V.K. Kashyap, Trivedi R., Sahoo S.
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Meet the Author
Dr Bal Ram Singh is the Director of Center for Indic Studies at UMass – Dartmouth. As a Professor of Biophysical Chemistry and Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar, and the Director of Botulinum Research Center, he has been conducting research since 1990, on botulinum and tetanus neurotoxins, and lately also on yoga, mind, and consciousness. He has published three books and over 200 articles. He is the editor of the Journal Light on Ayurveda and International Journal of Indian Culture.