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Glorious Life After Death

by: K.I. Isaac

The book explores the concept and experiences of life after death based on religious insights on the subject and experiences of human souls on the threshold of death as recounted by doctors. It examines the sacred texts of religions, like the Holy Bible, the Vedas, the Srimad Bhagavad Gita and the Upanisads for a broad understanding of the subject.



ISBN: 9788124603758
Year Of Publication: 2007
Edition: 1st
Pages : xvi, 205
Bibliographic Details : Index
Language : English
Binding : Paperback
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Size: 22 cm.
Weight: 275


The book explores the concept and experiences of life after death based on religious insights on the subject and experiences of human souls on the threshold of death as recounted by doctors. It examines the sacred texts of religions, like the Holy Bible, the Vedas, the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads for a broad understanding of the subject. It deals in particular with aspects of life after death as detailed by Christianity: the General Resurrection, Last Judgement, Hades, Paradise, Heaven and Hell, the concept of the Son of God and His dying on the cross as propitiation for the sins of man. It elaborates on the experiences of the soul after death and on the life after death as such by thoroughly studying the Bible. It reveals Biblical insights on Satanic deceits to enter the minds of people who are spiritually devoted, the soul departing from the physical body, and compassion, solace and love in the spiritual world. The volume showcases the experiences of those nearing death which include new feelings and sensations as a spiritual being, meeting with other spirits and viewing the Light, that is, Christ Himself when passing through death. Mr Isaac emphasises the need to be faithful and perform acts of divine love and righteousness in all sincerity in order to prepare oneself for the eternal life in the hereafter.


1. Introduction
Beautiful Stones – Jewel of India – Industrial Tool – Navaratnas – Unique Characters – Hardest Material – Hard but Brittle – Carat, the Measuring Unit – Letter from Deep Mother Earth – Diamond Industry – Girl’s Best Friend
2. Birth from Mother Earth
Mother Earth – Deep Below and High Up Above – Mother Rock – Kimberlite – Lamproites – Sedimentary Rocks – Placers, the Showrooms – Diamonds in the Sky – Twinkling Star Diamond
3. Indian Heritage
Discovery in India – Vedas and Upanishads – Epics – Agastya-mata – Arthashastra – Brihat Samhita – Gaius Plinius Secundus – Claudius Ptolemaeus – Marco Polo – Nicolo de Conti – Garcia da Orata – Vijayanagara Dynasty – Caesar Frederick – Jacques de Coutre – Methwold – Tavernier’s Six Visits – Lange – Kakatiya Dynasty
4. Golconda Glory
Golconda Kingdom – Golconda Mart-Mines – Golconda and Golcondas – Howard – Heyne – Voysey – Ritter – King – Ball – Newbold – Walker – Burton – Chaper – Foote – Venkayya – C.V. Raman – Krishnan
5. The Diamond Fields of South India
Andhra Pradesh – Wajrakarur–Ramagiri – Karnataka – Tamil Nadu – Kerala
6. The Diamonds Fields of North India
Madhya Pradesh – Characteristics of Diamonds – Chhattisgarh – Orissa – Maharashtra – Uttar Pradesh – Rajasthan – Bihar – West Bengal – Himalayas
7. Cutting, Polishing and Jewellery
Rough to Gem – Stages and Techniques – Other Lapidary Techniques – Types of Cuts – Human Culture – Diamond Jewellery – Indian Tradition – Akshaya-Tritiya – White Gold – Platinum Jewellery – Finger Rings – Bangles – Necklaces – Earrings – Nose Jewels – Waist Belt – Armlets – Hairpins – Jewellery Designing
8. Imitations and Artificials
Substitutes and Alternatives – American Diamonds – Cubic Zirconia – Moissanite – Rutile – Spinel – Sapphire – Fabulite – Galliant – Diamonair – Doublet – Man-made Diamonds – Synthetics: Man-made Diamonds – Earlier Attempts – Recent Developments – HPHT Technique – CVD Technique – Diamonds by Explosion – Ultrasound Cavitation – Synthetics vs. Naturals
9. Identification and Valuation
Identification Characters – Visual Examination – Ten-Powered Loupe – Reflectometers – X-ray and UV-light Response – Diamond Pen – Thermal Probe – Valuation – Conventional Four Cs – Cut – Colour – Clarity – Caratage – Certificate of Proof
10. Historical Diamonds
Kohinoor – Hope – Great Mogul – Orloff – Pitt-Regent – Sancy – Hastings – Pigott – Akbar Shah-Jahanghir Shah – Shah – Abbas Mirza – Darya-i-Nur – Taj-e-Mah – Nizam – Heart – Moon of the Mountain – Nasik – Great Table – Kollur – Raulconda – Arcots – Ahmedabad – Jacob – Queen of Holland – Wittelsbach – Indore Pears – Idol’s Eye – Polar Star – Tereschenko – Three Tables – Hornby – Endless List – World’s Large Diamonds
11. Superstitions
Unconquerable – Supernatural – Devine Weapons – Living Beings – Valley of Diamonds – Cobra Hood – Magical Powers – Medicinal Value – Slow Poison – Indian Categorization – Engagement Rings – Evil Spirits – Astrological Significance – Birthday Stone – Astro-gemmology – Blood Diamonds
12. Present and Future
World Scenario – India, Once the Leader – Decline and Fall – Present Status – Production and Marketing – Diamond Organizations in India – Present Policies: Laws of the Land New National Mineral Policy – Production – Imports and Exports – Future Potential – Demand and Consumption – Modernization – Marketing Strategies – Future Plans – Scope for Growth – Hope and Future Scope
Glossary of Technical Words
Subject Index

Meet the Author
Mr K.I. Isaac, an administrative officer by profession with a penchant for electronics, has keen interest in religious and spiritual matters in life. Being a member of the Indian Orthodox Church, he engages in congregational service and social charities as well. He has authored numerous articles and books in Malayalam as well as in English. One of his works has been published by the Malankara Orthodox Church publication under the title, Death and Life Thereafter (in Malayalam).
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