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Varadambikaparinaya Campu of Tirumalamba

by: Dr. Sujatha Reddy



ISBN: 9788124610459
Year Of Publication: 2021
Edition: 1st
Pages : v,220
Bibliographic Details : Bibliography, Appendix
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Size: 23
Weight: 456


Tirumalamba, a poetess of the Vijayanagara Empire, wrote the Varadambikaparinayam, the story of marriage of King Acyuta Deva Rāya, in Sanskrit which forms the 5th volume of the series: Women Writings in Sanskrit.

In the court of King Acyutaraya (1529-42 CE) of Vijayanagara there was a poetess of great merit and her name was Oduva Tirumalamba. She was employed as a reader in the royal court whose duty was perhaps the reading of poetical and other compositions to the ladies of the royal family as well as to the royal court. Tirumalamba was popularly known as Oduva (reader) Tirumalamba. Evidently she was a genius, since she was an excellent musician and grammarian, possessing in addition a good command of rhetoric and diction. She was a scholar of Hindu epics, poetry, drama and philosophy and had other accomplishments also; she was a linguist and could write in many scripts. In addition to all these excellent qualities she must have possessed great beauty, for King Acyutaraya became so enamoured of her that he elevated her to the position of his queen (Rajamahisi).

We learn most of these details from the epilogue to the Varadambika-parinaya-campu, celebrating the wedding of King Acyutaraya and his senior queen Varadambika. It is learnt from epigraphical and other sources that Varadambika was the principal queen (Pattamahisi) of King Acyutaraya. We also learn from the epilogue to the campu that she was a patroness of learned priests, scholars and poets and that she made liberal gifts and endowments to temples and religious institutions.

This poem also describes the birth of Prince Venkatadri, the first born of Varadambika. But it cannot be denied that the work shows that Tirumalamba was a highly educated woman, who wrote for the cultured.



Introduction and a Note on Translation

Translation: Wedding of Varadambika


Original Sanskrit Text

Appendix I

Appendix II

Appendix III


Meet the Author
Dr Sujatha Reddy holds doctorate in Sanskrit from University of Delhi. Apart from Sanskrit she also works on Indian Studies especially with Kannada and Telugu languages. She has comfortable knowledge of Tamil and Chinese languages too. With her language skills she has translated several texts into English. She has taught undergraduate courses in Bangalore University and worked as a researcher at Project of History Indian Science Philosophy and Culture and also at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi. Her interests are in Sanskrit and Indian Studies including Buddhism and Jainism. She is the author of Laws of Kautilya's Arthagastra and Nitigara of Kamandaki and other books and articles.
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“Varadambikaparinaya Campu of Tirumalamba”

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