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Madhuravijayam, or Virakamparacarita of Gangadevi

by: Dr. Sujatha Reddy
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ISBN: 9788124610626
Year Of Publication: 2021
Edition: 1st
Pages : v,145
Bibliographic Details : Bibliography
Language : English, Sanskrit
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Size: 23
Weight: 352


The Madhuravijayam  (Sanskrit: मधुराविजयम्), meaning “The Victory of Madurai”, is a fourteenth-century CE Sanskrit poem written by the poet Gangadevi. It is also named the Vīra Kamparaya Caritam by the poet. Gangadevi, also known as Gangambika, was a poetess in the Vijayanagara Empire during the fourteenth century and chronicled the story of the victory of her husband, Kumara Kampana, son of Bukka Raya I, over the Muslims in Madurai, in the form of a poem. The poem celebrates the victory of the Vijayanagara Empire’s crown prince, Kamparaya, over Madurai. In addition to battle scenes a wash with blood, gore and plenty of poetic fantasy, the poetess describes how her husband Kampa passes the time between wars with his multitude of beautiful wives.

This edition is prepared to highlight that it is composed by a woman and it is the first woman writing in Sanskrit recognized by scholars and comprises of the original Sanskrit text with a new English translation. It forms the 4th volume under the series: Women Writings in Sanskrit Literature. The historical value of this work is discussed along with the introduction of this work. The authoress, instead of drawing the subject matter from the well-known Puranas (as is usual with the generality of Sanskrit poets), has chosen the biography of her royal consort as fit subject to exhibit her remarkable poetical talents.

The work is in the form of a classical kavya conforming to the rules laid down in the treatises on poetics and contains the usual lengthy description of the seasons, the twilight, the rising of the moon and other necessary topics. The authoress writes in the Vaidarbhi style.




1.प्रथम सर्ग: (Canto 1)

2.द्वितीय सर्ग: (Canto 2)

3.तृतीय सर्ग: (Canto 3)

4.चतुर्थ सर्ग: (Canto 4)

5.पञ्चम सर्ग: (Canto 5)

6.षष्ठ सर्ग: (Canto 6)

7.सप्तम सर्ग: (Canto 7)

8.अष्टम सर्ग: (Canto 8)

9.नवम सर्ग: (Canto 9)

Conquest of Madhura: Text in Analysis


Meet the Author
Dr Sujatha Reddy holds doctorate in Sanskrit from University of Delhi. Apart from Sanskrit she also works on Indian Studies especially with Kannada and Telugu languages. She has comfortable knowledge of Tamil and Chinese languages too. With her language skills she has translated several texts into English. She has taught undergraduate courses in Bangalore University and worked as a researcher at Project of History Indian Science Philosophy and Culture and also at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi. Her interests are in Sanskrit and Indian Studies including Buddhism and Jainism. She is the author of Laws of Kautilya's Arthagastra and Nitigara of Kamandaki and other books and articles.
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