Narayana Guru
1854,  Male ,  Indian ,  No More

Narayana Guru (1854-1928) was an enlightened seer who re-visualized and restated the ancient wisdom tradition of Vedanta. Equally conversant with Sanskrit, Malayalam and Tamil languages, the Guru utilized these three to express his vision of wisdom through the beauty of poems and songs. His philosophical poems and hymns reveal the essential wisdom content expressed in the Upanishads, while doing so with a scientific precision suitable for our Age of Science. Hence in Narayana Guru’s works we find a wonderful blend of beauty and precision. His poems, songs, and his activities aimed at social and religious reform, all became a creative tour de force aimed at uplifting the minds’ of his fellow human beings. Hence his teachings and activities were not only intended for the thinker or literate person, but also for the common man for whom the Guru had the deepest sympathy. In fact, the Guru initiated a powerful movement of social and religious reform in Kerala which aimed at correcting the evils of casteism and religious rivalry. Today the Narayana Gurukula Movement seeks to further the spread of the wisdom of universal and eternal value that the Guru stood for.


Philosophical Poems, Hymns, Versified Moral Exhortations and Translated Verses, in the Three Languages – Malayalam, Sanskrit and Tamil.
Total Number of works: Sixty.

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