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Quest of Buddhist Paradigms, in Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia, China and Japan

by: Lokesh Chandra


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ISBN: 9788194538738
Year Of Publication: 2020
Pages : 219
Bibliographic Details : Index
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: Aditya Prakashan
Size: 29cm
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The book narrates the interwovenness of culture between India, Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia, China and Japan. It begins with Nepal with its history alive on the waysides and homes, its rich preservation of Buddhist sutras in Sanskrit, esp. the Tattvasangraha which lives in the Shingon denomination in Japan, in the icons of Alchi and in the grandeur of the Borobudur. The second chapter deals with Tibetan studies, edition of the Vinayavastu, the anachronism of Jesus Christ being in the Hemis monastery which was founded as late as the 17th century, the total destruction of Tibetan culture in a long letter of Prof. A.W. Macdonald, saving the Derge monastery and printery by seven encirclements of devotees under the supervision of Ven. Pewar Tulku at the risk of his life, and the Sven Hedin collection in Stockholm. The fourth chapter concerns Mongolian studies: Emperor Ch’ien-lung’s edition of the Mongolian Kanjur, and dialogues with Prof. Rinchen on the total cultural genocide in Mongolia


1. India and Nepal
2. Tibetan Studies
3. The Charisma of Tibet
4. India and Mongolia
5. India and China
6. India and Japan Index

Meet the Author
Prof. Lokesh Chandra is a renowned scholar of Tibetan, Mongolian and Sino-Japanese Buddhism. He has to his credit over 360 works and text editions. Among them are classics like Tibetan-Sanskrit Dictionary; Materials for a History of Tibetan Literature; Buddhist Iconography of Tibet; and his ongoing Dictionary of Buddhist Iconography (about 20 volumes). He was nominated by the President of the Republic of India to the Parliament in 1974-80 and again in 1980-86. He has been Vice-President of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations and Chairman of the Indian Council of Historical Research. Presently he is Director, International Academy of Indian Culture.

“Quest of Buddhist Paradigms, in Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia, China and Japan”

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