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Meaning in Bhartrhari’s Vakyapadiya

by: Ved Mitra Shukla

This volume delves upon the Vakyapadiya of Bhartrhari, written in fifth century ce, as a contnuity of the theory and praxis of Panini and Patanjali on Sanskrit grammar and Indian language philosophy. It makes an attempt to explore and analyse some issues such as meaning of language, theory of sphota, and conditions and context of meaning.



ISBN: 9788194622154
Year Of Publication: 2021
Edition: 1st
Pages : xii, 164
Bibliographic Details : Bibliography, Index
Language : English
Binding : Paperback
Publisher: Shakti Publications
Foreword By : Dhananjay Singh
Size: 22
Weight: 270


The study of grammar and linguistic philosophy had its origin in the Vedic period, at least in the second millennium bce. The Vakyapadiya of Bhartrhari, an authoritative Sanskrit text written in the fifth century ce, contains reflections on the subject matter of language and grammar, thus the philosophy of language. Interpretation of communication is one of the principal objectives of Bhrtrhari’s philosophy of language. His goal is to interpret the communication of all living things, be it a man or an animal, or a yogi or a baby.
Bhartrhari represents a rich tradition of Indian philosophy of language that he inherited from Panini and Patanjali. The West, for all practical purposes, lagged behind in grammar, literary theories, philosophy of language and with the problems of meaning, even at the dawn of the twentieth century, when the Indian Grammarians made penetrating studies on the same even before the common era.
This volume delves upon “meaning” discussed in the Vakyapadiya as a continuity of the great Indian literary tradition, philosophy and grammar. In the process, it explores and analyses some issues such as meaning in Indian philosophy of language, theory of sphota, and conditions and context of meaning.


Foreword — Dhananjay Singh



2.Meaning in Indian Philosophy of Language

3.Theory of Sphoṭa and the Condition of Meaning

4.Conditions and Contexts of Meaning




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