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Ramesh Chandra Pradhan
1950,  Male ,  Indian ,  Professor

Ramesh Chandra Pradhan is at present Professor of Philosophy at the University of Hyderabad. He previously taught at Utkal University and Karnatak University. He took his PhD in 1977 from Banaras Hindu University and had his post-doctoral studies at the University of Oxford as a Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellow during 1990-91. He was also Member-Secretary of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi, during 2000-2003.
Prof. Pradhan specializes in Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind and Wittgenstein. He has authored several books in this area and edited several volumes. He has contributed many research papers to journals in philosophy. Among his books are Recent Developments in Analytic Philosophy (2001), The Great Mirror: An Essay on Wittgenstein’s Tractatus (2002); Language, Reality and Transcendence: An Essay on the Main Strands of Wittgenstein’s Later Philosophy (2008); and Metaphysics (2009).

Awarded Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellowship to study at Oxford University, UK by University Grants Commission in 1990.


Life Member, Indian Philosophical Congress
Life Member, Indian Philosophical Quarterly

Almost 100 papers in edited volumes and journals like International Philosophical Quarterly, Indian Philosophical Quarterly, Journal of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research, Indian Journal of Analytic Philosophy, Journal of the Indian Academy of Philosophy, Philosophia, Sraddha, Suvidya Journal of Philosophy and Religion, The Voice of Sankara, The Vishnu-Bharati Journal of Philosophy.

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