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Ao Naga World-view

by: Sujata Miri , Karilemla

The book consists of a series of dialogues about the Ao Naga world-view, their traditions, rituals and ethical norms, and their ideas of history and objects of veneration among elders of the Ao Naga tribe, Ao Naga intellectuals and scholars.

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ISBN: 9788124608081
Year Of Publication: 2015
Edition: 1st edition
Pages : xiii, 205
Bibliographic Details : Glossary, Appendix
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Size: 23
Weight: 550


The book, as the title says, consists of a series of dialogues about the Ao Naga world-view, their traditions, rituals and ethical norms, and their ideas of history and objects of veneration. The dialogue took place in specially organized meetings and participants were drawn from elders of the Ao Naga tribe, Ao Naga intellectuals and scholars, a student and a visitor from outside.
The conversations that took place in these meetings were recorded and what appears in the book is a very lightly edited version of the recorded conversations. The philosophically interesting aspects of these conversations are the views expressed by various participants on the human condition, the ethical grounding of human life, the dividing line between life and death, and about their institutions for educating the young and dispensing justice.
The book aims to achieve a twofold objective: (1) to secure an authentic articulation of the traditional Ao world through a dialogue between different Ao voices (an aim pursued very differently from the anthropologist’s participant observation), and (2) clearing the ground for the reflection of philosophical insights thrown up in the process of this articulation. The insights will be obvious to the sympathetic and discerning reader; the reflection is left to those who will read the book with serious philosophical interest.
Sujata Miri’s paintings are an insightful addition to the dialogic explorations of the book.


A Note on the Paintings
Ao World-view
Section I
Origin and History
The Crossing of the River
The Warrior’s Spirit
Migratioan Stories
Section II
The Emergence from Six Stones
The Power of Stones
Land and Divinity
Ritual and Sacrifices
Section III
Social Coordination, Ethics and Tradition
Arju and Ethical Training
The Goals of Life
Man, Body and Mind
Tanüla — Good and Evil
Truth and its Power
Intimation of Death — the Living and the Dead
The Scale of Flowers
Section IV
Tiya, the Making of the Individual
Truthfulness, Justice and the Good
Honouring the Warrior
Changing Times
Section V
God, Man and Animals
The Private and the Public
Section VI
Human Beings, Animals and Trees
Animal to Man
Fruits of Action
Section VII
The Many Souls of Man
The Country of the Dead
Between the Living and the Dead
Section VIII
The Sexes
Husband, Wife and her Protection
Marriage Between Ao’s and Non-Ao’s
On Love, Marriage and Divorce
Section IX
Strangers in Ao Country
The Walunir and the Nokinketer
Section X
Communicating with Nature
The Nature of Nature
Section XI
Section XII
Of God and Gods and their Work
Meyutsungba, The Supreme Judge
Section XIII
Of Moon and Sun
One God Monotheism/Polytheism
Section XIV
Of God and the New Religion

Meet the Author
Sujata Miri retired as Professor of Philosophy from the North Eastern Hill University, Shillong. Her abiding philosophical interest has been to understand and explore the cultures and religions of the various tribes particularly of the north-east. She has published several books which include The Khasi World View: A Conceptual Exploration; Stories and Legends of Liangmei Nagas; and A Book of Paintings on themes from the north-east. She has also published several articles in academic journals. She is known for opening up new ways of approaching indigenous religions of the country.
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