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Sujata Miri
1942,  Female ,  Indian ,  Retired Professor

Sujata Miri retired as Professor of Philosophy from the North Eastern Hill University, Shillong. Her abiding philosophical interest has been to understand and explore the cultures and religions of the various tribes particularly of the north-east. She has published several books which include The Khasi World View: A Conceptual Exploration; Stories and Legends of Liangmei Nagas; and A Book of Paintings on themes from the north-east. She has also published several articles in academic journals. She is known for opening up new ways of approaching indigenous religions of the country.


Member, Executive Council,Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, 2014.
Member, Governing Body, Indian Council of Philosophical Research 2006-2009.
Member, ICPR, 1989-92, 2006-09, 2009-12.
Member of ICPR Expert Committee on North East Culture, 1993.
Member of Academic Council, Executive Council, Board of Post Graduate Studies, Board of Under Graduate Studies & Court of Nehu, Shillong.
Member of Academic Council, Manipur University, Imphal.

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