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    Vedic Concept of Man...

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Vedic Concept of Man and Universe

English Translation of Vyākhyāna-Pañcakam (Five Discourses) of Paṇḍit Motilal Shastri by: Rishi Kumar Mishra



ISBN: 9788124612057
Year Of Publication: 2024
Edition: 1st
Pages : xviii, 262
Bibliographic Details : Index
Language : English, Sankrit
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Size: 23
Weight: 750


This volume explains the mysteries of Creation from the Vedic standpoint by an eminent scholar Pandit Motilal Shastri, a devout disciple of the much acclaimed Vedic guru, Paṇḍit Madhusūdan Ojhā. It consists of five scholarly discourses presented before an august audience of well-known scholars and ācāryas of Vedaśāstra, at Rashtrapati Bhawan during 14-18 December 1956. These discourses – Science of Agni-soma; the Science of Five Divisional Universe; Vedic Concept of Man: An Exposition; Science of Aśvattha: An Outline; and Integrated Relationship of Vedaśāstra and Purāṇaśāstra – illuminate new insights into the mysteries of Creation, offering new definitions to well-known Vedic terms. The volume in hand is an English translation of these five discourses by Rishi Kumar Mishra, a well-known author, writer and editor, and a disciple of Pandit Motilal Shastri. It enables the new generation of scholars and intellectuals to understand and grasp the mysteries of Creation. It is an inimitable storehouse of Vedic wisdom.



Paṇḍit Motilal Shastri
Shri Shankar Shikshayatan
Paṇḍit Rishi Kumar Mishra

First Discourse
Science of Agni-Soma

Vedas: The Popular Belief
Vedic Books Are not the Veda
The Basic Essence
Self-explanatory Words
The Three Motions
The Solar Sphere
Gāyatrī-Vidyā: A Meaningful Narrative
Eight Categories of Narratives
Apocryphal Narratives
Veda: The Scientific Meaning
Plants Have Life
End of the Material Sphere: Beginning of the Vital Sphere
The Basic Question: What Was There, When There Was Nothing?
Three Sectors of Saṁvatsara
In Our Conjugal Life

Second Discourse
The Science of Five-Divisional Universe            

Universe and Its Divisions
Purāṇas: Elaboration of the Vedas
Basic Definitions of Purāṇas
Two Keywords: R̥ta and Satya
Change and Creation
Location of Centre
Universe and Reality
No Form: No Centre-R̥ta
Satya-Agni-Soma Pair
Three Branches of Science
Appearance, Existence and Creation
Bodily Yajña of Man: An Example
Physical Yajña: The Next Stage

Third Discourse
Vedic Concept of Man – An Exposition          

Man and Other Beings
Man’s Supremacy over Other Beings
Man’s Violation of Natural Principles
Manu: The Absolute Central Truth
Manifestation of Manu in Man
Living and Lifeless Beings: The Differentiating Factor
Truth: Ostensible and Real
Non-violence: Illusion and Reality
Sphere of Sentient Beings
The Unmanifest Sector
Four Aspects of Man
Third Category of Love Attachment
Love of Inanimate Beings, Kāma
Basic Quality of Womanhood
Two Classifications of Desire

Fourth Discourse
Science of Aśvattha – An Outline 

Vedic Terms for Inflow, Outflow and Rest
Relationship of Viṣṇu and Indra
Terms in Indian Science
Contraction and Expansion
Interdependence of Motion and Rest
Interrelationship of Rest and Motion
Interrelationship of Word and Its Material Meaning
Process of the Formation of Earth
Time for Rest
Meaning of Vijñāna
One Element, Three Forms
Creation and Dissolution
Perishable and Imperishable
Evil Influence of Sectarianism
Intellectual Defects and Emotionalism
Unit and Multiple
Relationship of Amr̥ta and Mr̥tyu
Knowledge and Science
Foundation of the Universe
Constant Change: Constant Permanence

Fifth Discourse
Integrated Relationship of Vedaśāstra and Purāṇaśāstra

Rotation of Sun Around Parameṣṭhi
Formation of Body, Mind and Intellect
Emergence of Varṇa
Emergence of Gotra
Real Aim: Expansion of Gotra
Ṣoḍaśī Prajāpati Conceived Creation
Vedaśāstra in Relation to Purāṇaśāstra through the Medium of Tattva-svarūpa of Rasa
Māṅgalika Saṁsmaraṇa

Appendix: List of References Quoted from Vedic Text

Glossary of Vedic Terms

सन्दर्भ ग्रन्थ-सूची – For Further Reading     



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“Vedic Concept of Man and Universe”

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