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Sculptures and Antiquities in the Archaeological Museum, Amravati

by: S.S. Gupta

The world famous Amaravati sculptures and art pieces take the pride of place in India’s best museums today. This volume lists and analyses with photo illustrations the large museum antiquities typologically and chronologically. The book will interest historians, archaeologists and general readers.



ISBN: 9788124604526
Year Of Publication: 2008
Edition: 1st
Pages : xxiii, 256
Bibliographic Details : 2 Maps; 80 Coloured photographs; 86 b/w photographs; Glossary; Bibliography; Index
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Size: 25 cm
Weight: 900


The Amaravati sculptures are famous throughout the world for their special features and they form a distinct school of art called Amaravati school of art. Though Amaravati art pieces take the pride of place in India’s best museums, the sculptures in the site museum at Amaravati itself have not been assigned enough significance. This volume lists and analyses the museum antiquities typologically and chronologically. The effort includes all the museum antiquities, including many objects of seemingly minor importance, which are described in detail. Their types and features, provenance, probable period, measurements and accession number, references to them and details of inscriptions relating to them are provided. The catalogue of objects features twenty main headings including the pillars, slabs, pilasters, beads, ceramics and copper plate grants. There are photo illustrations of a large number of antiquities that form the museum collection which have enormous archaeological, epigraphic and iconographic merit. The book will interest historians, archaeologists and general readers keen on knowing about Indian culture and art.


— R.C. Sharma
List of Maps, Plates and Figures
Key to Transliteration
1. Introduction: Historical Background
2. Acquisition and Mode of Collection
3. Amaravati School of Art
4. Catalogue
A. Stone Axes
B. Uprights
C. Crossbars
D. Coping Stones
E. Pillars
F. Drum Slabs
G. Dome Slabs
H. Slabs
I. Pilasters
J. Sculptures
K. Friezes
L. Terracotta Figurines
M. Beads
N. Ceramics
O. Bricks
P. Seals
Q. Relic Caskets
R. Coins
S. Copper-Plate Grants
T. Iron Implements
Plates and Figures

Meet the Author
Dr. S.S. Gupta is an expert in archaeology. He has travelled extensively in the course of his involvement with archaeological explorations and rock art studies in India as well as abroad. He has a rich experience of working in the archaeological museums of Amaravati, Gwalior and Sarnath. At present, he is Deputy Superintending Archaeologist in Archaeological Survey of India, Bhopal. He has published numerous articles in reputed journals.
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