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S.S. Gupta
1954,  Male ,  Indian ,  Deputy Superintending Archaeologist

Dr. S.S. Gupta is an expert in archaeology. He has travelled extensively in the course of his involvement with archaeological explorations and rock art studies in India as well as abroad. He has a rich experience of working in the archaeological museums of Amaravati, Gwalior and Sarnath. At present, he is Deputy Superintending Archaeologist in Archaeological Survey of India, Bhopal. He has published numerous articles in reputed journals.


Life Member of Indian Archaeological Society, New Delhi
Life Member of Rock Art Association of India, Agra, U.P.
Life Member of Indian Art History Congress, Guwahati, Assam
Life Member of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai

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2. Pachmarhi Rock Art: A Study of Metal Implements, Archaeology & Art, 1990.
3. Archaeological Remains in Maldives, Purattava No. 25, 1995.
4. Correlation between Rock Art & Mesolithic period of Central India: A Reappraisal, Visvambharai Probing in Orientology, 1995.
5. Prehistoricity of Rock Art of Central India: A Retrospect, Facets of Indian Civilization Recent Perspectives, 1997.
6. Role of an Archaeological Museum towards the Society under Prevalent Circumstances, Triratna, Heritage, Governance & Equity, 2003.
7. Prehistoricity of Rock Art of Central India: An Ascertainment, Krsanavan A Peep in to the Past, 2004.
8. Master pieces of Amaravati Art in Archaeological Museum, Amaravati, Expressions in Indian Art, 2008.
9. A Brief Survey of the Rock Paintings of Kathotia, District Sehore, M.P., Rock Art & Archaeology of India, 2008.

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