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Sacrifice and Cosmos

Yajna and the Eucharist in Dialogue by: Greoge Praseed IMS

This book studies the way both Hinduism and Christianity have related sacrifice to the reality of the whole cosmos including the material universe Þ the Vedic view is seen as the best example of creation through sacrifice and the Christian cross as that of redemption through divine sacrifice.



ISBN: 9788186921487
Year Of Publication: 2009
Edition: 1st
Pages : xxiii, 413
Bibliographic Details : Glossary; Bibliography; Index
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: Decent Books
Size: 23 cm.
Weight: 800


In Hinduism, yajna has been at the centre of Vedic thought and practice, epic and Puranic literature. The Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita add new dimensions to it through their spiritualization and interiorization and raising tapas and bhakti into sacrifice. The concept of sacrifice has been transformed into an ethical, spiritual and political value by Tilak and Gandhi in modern Hinduism. Christianity’s interpretation of the mission of Jesus as a true, non-ritual sacrifice resulted in the gift of salvation to the world. The volume presents a deep understanding of the concept of sacrifice which is a central thought in Hinduism and Christianity. It studies the way the two traditions have related sacrifice to the reality of the whole cosmos including the material universe. The Vedic view is seen as the best example of creation through divine sacrifice, and the Christian Cross as that of redemption through divine sacrifice. The cosmic dynamism of the Eucharistic sacrifice is revealed through a study of four theologians. In this painstaking work sacrifice is examined as a complex universal phenomenon which has many-sided and multifaceted religious connotations. Thus it discovers the complementarity and interconnection between Vedism and Christianity. The book presents a new approach to study of religions and religious concepts. It would prove useful for scholars of religious studies.


Part I
Sacrifice and Cosmos in the Vedas
1. Status Quaestionis on Sacrifice
Sacrifice as Gift
Sacrifice as Communion
Sacrifice as Communication Between the Sacred and the Profane
Sacrifice as Ritual Repetition of the Creation of the World
Sacrifice as Ritual Action that Maintains the World
2. The Vedic Sacrifice and its Vision of the Cosmos
Creation as the Self-Sacrifice of Purusha
Sacrifice as Condition for the Existence of the World
Ashvamedha for the Renewal of the Cosmos
Agnicayana: Reconstruction of the Cosmos (Space and Time) through Sacrifice
Sacrifice as Atmayajna and the Substitute as the Counterpart of the Sacrificer
Sacrifice Gives Order and Form to the Formless Creation
Fidelity to the Rules and the Validity of Sacrifice
3. The Interiorisation of the Vedic Sacrifice and its Effect in the Emergence of the Notion of Bhakti
The Subordination of Sacrifice to the Knowledge of the Atman-Brahman in the Upanisads
The Ongoing Cosmic Sacrifice and the Background of Natural Mythology
Reflections on Resemblance Between Cosmos and Human Body
Sacrifice as Cosmic Harmony and Welfare (Lokasamgraha) in the Bhagavad-Gita
The Symbolic Interpretation of Sacrifice in the Bhagavad-Gita
Part II
The Eucharistic Sacrifice and its Cosmic Dynamism
4. The Descending and Ascending Dimensions of the Eucharistic Sacrifice
The Sacrificial Character of the Last Supper and Jesus’ Sacrificial Self-Giving to the Father on the Cross
Jesus’ Command “do this in Memory of me” and the Eucharist as the Memorial of the “once and for all” Sacrificial Self-giving Death of Jesus
The Eucharist and the Offering of Bread, Wine, Praise and Thanksgiving by the Church for herself and for the Cosmos
5. The Cosmic Dynamism of the Eucharist
Maximus the Confessor and the Cosmic Liturgy
The Deification of Humans and the Cosmos in the Eucharist in V. Lossky
The Eucharist and the Survival of the World in J.D. Zizioulas
The Eucharist and the Cosmos in Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Part III
Yajna and the Eucharist in Dialogue
6. Yajna and the Eucharist: Sacrificial Creation and Sacrificial Redemption
Purusha and Christ as the Origin, Sustainer and the Meeting Point of History
Agnicayana as the Ritual Reconstruction of the Dismembered Body of Prajapati
The Vedic Sacrifice as the Means for the Existence of the Cosmos and the Survival of the World in the Eucharist
Differences between Yajna and the Eucharist
7. A Comparison of the Panca-mahayajnas with the Eucharist
Devayajna and the Eucharist as Sacrifice to God the Father
Pitriyajna and the Offering of the Eucharist for the Dead
Bhutayajna and the Intercession for the Well-being of All in the Eucharist
Nriyajna and the Eucharist as the Agapic Meal
Brahmayajna and the Liturgy of the Word

Meet the Author
Dr Fr. George Praseed ims is presently the Rector of the Jnana Bharati Gurukul, IMS Study House, Pitampura, Delhi. He holds a Doctorate in Systematic Theology with specialization in Pastoral Liturgy, from the Institute of Pastoral Liturgy, Abbey of St. Justine, Padua, incorporated into the Faculty of Sacred Theology of the Pontifical University of St. Anslem, Rome. He was the dean of studies in the Vishwa Jyoti Gurukul, IMS Philosophate, Varanasi and Director of the Jnana Bharati, Regional Theology Centre, Varanasi, an extension centre of Vidyajyoti College of Theology, Delhi. Besides presenting several papers in the national and international conferences/seminars he has contributed articles in the journals of national and international repute.
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