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Greoge Praseed IMS
1962,  Male ,  Indian ,  Reader Vidyajyoti College of Theology, General Councilor of the IMS

Dr Fr. George Praseed ims is presently the Rector of the Jnana Bharati Gurukul, IMS Study House, Pitampura, Delhi. He holds a Doctorate in Systematic Theology with specialization in Pastoral Liturgy, from the Institute of Pastoral Liturgy, Abbey of St. Justine, Padua, incorporated into the Faculty of Sacred Theology of the Pontifical University of St. Anslem, Rome. He was the dean of studies in the Vishwa Jyoti Gurukul, IMS Philosophate, Varanasi and Director of the Jnana Bharati, Regional Theology Centre, Varanasi, an extension centre of Vidyajyoti College of Theology, Delhi. Besides presenting several papers in the national and international conferences/seminars he has contributed articles in the journals of national and international repute.


1. Association of Professor of Liturgy – Italy
2. Indian Theological Association – Bangalore
3. IMS North Region, Karnal – Haryana
4. The Indian Missionary Society, Varanasi, U.P.

1. “The Cosmic Dimension of Yajna and Eucharist, Part 1. The Cosmic Dimension of Yajna”, Samanvaya: A Bilingual Journal for the study of world Religions from Varanasi, Vol. 3, No. 1, January 2002.
2. “The Cosmic Dimension of Yajna and Eucharist, Part 2. The Cosmic Dimension of Eucharist”, Samanvaya, Vol. 3, No. 2, July 2002.
3. “Violence and its collective Scapegoating: An Analysis of Rani Girard’s Theory of Scapegoat Mechanism”, Wounded History: Religion, Conflict, Psyche and Social Healing, edited by John Chathanatt and Manindra N. Thakur, Delhi, Media House, 2006.
4. “The Eucharist and the Cosmos in Pierre Teilhard de Cherdin”, Vijyajyoti Journal of Theological Reflection, 2006.
5. “Inculturaziene in India: la sfida della chiesa per una liturgia autentica e creative”, in Liturgia e Inculturaziene, edited by Aldo Natale Terrin, Edizieni Messaggero, Padua, 2009.
6. “Love as the Norm of Life and Service as Lifestyle: Religion and Morality in Charistianity”, in Samved edited by Subhash Anand, 2010 (Forth coming).
7. “Servant Leader: Theological and Pastoral Reflections on the Identity and Role of a Priest in the Third Millennium”, Ephrem’s Theological Journal, Vol. 14, 2010, Forthcoming.
8. “Khrist Bhakta Movement (A Movement of the Non Baptised Devotees of Christ)”, Dictionary of South Asian Christianity, Chennai, Forethcoming.

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