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Kaise Jeiyen Masti Se? by: Ashok Damir

Diabetes is a malice threatening the very existence of the modern society. This book educates one how to diagnose type 1 and type 2 diabetes, how to test them, what all precautions are needed, how to deal with diabetes during pregnancy, what is diabetic foot and how to care it, the available medicines and their effects, what all exercises one should do to control diabetes, diet specifications, precautions to be taken while travelling, among many other pieces of information, that help a diabetic to lead a normal life.



ISBN: 9788182650138
Year Of Publication: 2009
Edition: 1st
Pages : xi, 154
Bibliographic Details : Appendices
Language : Hindi
Binding : Paperback
Publisher: Srikunj Sadbhawana Manch
Size: 22 cm.
Weight: 250


India is under the grip of a malady called Diabetes. According to WHO and International Diabetes Federation (IDF), India is all set to become the diabetic capital of the world. Of the 31 crore estimated diabetic patients all over the world, India has more than six crore people affected with this disease. This book addresses many an issue faced by the diabetic patients, both type 1 and type 2. It thus provides detailed information on the genesis, restraints and cure, short- and long-term effects of diabetes. It also addresses a number of challenges associated with diabetes.
In a wide spectrum, the book talks about this silent killer and its symptoms, diagnosis, monitoring of blood glucose, its treatment, desired exercises to keep diabetes under control, changes needed in lifestyle to combat diabetes, diet on special occasions, sugar tablets, herbal medicines, insulin therapy, how to face emergency situations in diabetes, complications due to diabetes, relationship between diabetes and (1) heart disease, (2) eyesight problems, and (3) kidney disorders. It also delves deep into the implications of diabetic foot, fluctuations in body weight due to this disease, other common ailments in diabetics, targets of controlling diabetes, pregnancy and diabetes, travelling with diabetes, need of routine diabetic examination and tests, impact of alcohol on a diabetic, diabetes in children and the aged, guidelines for fasting, etc.
The book also educates one on what to eat and what not, to keep diabetes under control. A detailed diet chart with calorie calculation is also given for a diabetic to follow in day-to-day life. In addition, it provides quite a lot of data related to our physical fitness, be it weight, height, food recommendations for non-veg people, or calorie value conversion of different food items. In a nutshell, this guidebook is a must-need for a diabetic and must-read for his family members as there is no permanent cure available for diabetes as yet, and its management is equally important like its treatment.

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