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Iconography of Vaisnava Images in Orissa

by: Thomas Eugene Donaldson

This work analyses the Vaisnava iconography of Orissa. Vaisnava iconography proper including Hari-Hara and other composite images and those of Visnu’s female consorts; images of Visnu in his avataras; depiction of Balarama, Krsna and Jagannatha; and iconography of the ‘secondary figures’ like Garuda and Hanumana.



ISBN: 9788124601730
Year Of Publication: 2001
Edition: 1st
Pages : xvi, 530
Bibliographic Details : 49 B/w photographs; 34 Coloured illustrations; Bibliography; Glossary; Index
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Size: 29 cm.
Weight: 2200


This work is a well?researched attempt to analyse the Vaishnava iconography of Orissa which is unique in that there are to be found an overwhelming number of Vishnu images in the region despite paucity of Vishnu temples and inscriptional evidence suggesting royal patronage. Dr. Donaldson here undertakes a detailed study under four heads: Vaishnava iconography proper including Hari?Hara and other composite images and those of Vishnu’s female consorts; images of Vishnu in his different avataras; depiction of Balarama, Krishna and Jagannatha; and iconography of what are termed ‘secondary figures’ like Garuda and Hanumana. He presents various iconographic charts throughout the book on the basis of textual description of the many images and their representations in sculpture with a number of photographs of the images studied, he provides details on the physical attributes of each group of images and specific images and their evolving iconographic and stylistic peculiarities: such as the decline of a particular motif and the emergence of another depending on the popularity of sects. The author also traces with keen interest the influence of Vaishnavism on the iconographic programme and rituals of Shaiva temples, resulting in even joint worship of Vishnu and Shiva. For each type of iconography, the book cites examples of different Orissan temples and discusses the images in them. The book would be of immense interest to scholars of religious studies and particularly those concerned with Hindu iconography.


Index of Iconographical Charts
1. Vaishnava Iconography
Sthanaka-Murti Vishnu
Early Chaturbhuja/Chaturyuha/Chaturvimshati Vishnu Images — Janardana-Vishnu Images — Later Chaturbhuja/Chaturvyuha/Chaturvimshati Vishnu Images — Multi-Armed Vishnu Images
Asana-Murti Vishnu
Anantasayana-Murti Vishnu
Hari-Hara and Other Composite Images
Consorts and Female Deities
Shri Lakshmi Images — Shakti Images/Narayani — Matrika Vaishnavi — Matrika Mahalakshmi Images
Madhava-Durga Images
2. Dashavatara Iconography
Matsya and Kurma Avataras
Varaha Avatara
Seated Varaha Images — Varaha with Consort/Bhu-Varaha or Lakshmi-Varaha — Matrika Varahi Images — Independent Asana-Murti Varahi Images — Sthanaka-Murti Varahi Images
Nrisimha Avatara
Narisimha Defeating Hiranyakashipu — Yoga-Nrisimha/Girija-Nrisimha Images — Lakshmi Narisimha Images — Lakshmi-Nrisimha Seated on Shesha — Sthanaka-Murti Nrisimha — Images — Composite Images — Nrisimhi Images
Vamana/Trivikrama Avatara
Parashurama Avatara
Rama Avatara
Buddha Avatara
Kalki Avatara
3. Balarama, Krishna, and Jagannatha Iconography
Balarama/Sankarshana Avatara
Balarama/Sankarshana and Krishna/Vasudeva Joint Worship
Krishna-Lila Motifs
Balagopala Iconography
Gopinatha Krishna
Lakshmi and Purushottama
Brahmanical Trinities
Hari-Hara-Pitamaha Trinity — Linga-Purushottama-Mahishamardini Trinity — Lakshmi-Nrisimha-Shesha Trinity — Baladeva-Ekanamsha-Krishna Trinity
Jagannatha Trinity
Sudarshana-Cakra — Mangala — Vimala and Shitala
4. Secondary Figure Iconography
Garuda Iconography
Hanuman Iconography
Vaishnava Dvarapalas
Shalagrama Stones and Tulasi Plants
List of Black and White Figures
List of Coloured Plates
Coloured Plates

Meet the Author
Prof. Thomas Donaldson (Ph.D.) is a leading authority on Indian art, particularly Orissan art, as he has been studying and writing on the subject for more than three decades. His works include a monumental three-volume study titled Hindu Temple Art of Orissa (1985-87), Kamadeva’s Pleasure Garden in Orissa (1987), Sculptural Masterpieces from Orissa: Style and Iconography, co-authored with K. S. Behera (1998), Ornaments of Orissa, co-authored by R.P. Mohapatra (1998), Iconography of Vaishnava Image in Orissa (2001), and The Iconography of the Buddhist Sculpture of Orissa - 2 vols (2001).
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