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Thomas Eugene Donaldson
1933,  Male ,  USA ,  Professor of Asian Art History

Prof. Thomas Donaldson (Ph.D.) is a leading authority on Indian art, particularly Orissan art, as he has been studying and writing on the subject for more than three decades. His works include a monumental three-volume study titled Hindu Temple Art of Orissa (1985-87), Kamadeva’s Pleasure Garden in Orissa (1987), Sculptural Masterpieces from Orissa: Style and Iconography, co-authored with K. S. Behera (1998), Ornaments of Orissa, co-authored by R.P. Mohapatra (1998), Iconography of Vaishnava Image in Orissa (2001), and The Iconography of the Buddhist Sculpture of Orissa – 2 vols (2001).

1968-69 Teaching Fellow: Case Western Reserve University
1970-71 Bingham Fellow (dissertation research abroad) Case-Western Reserve University
2001 $10,750 EFFRD Research Grant; Cleveland State University
2001 Distinguished Faculty Research Award: Cleveland State University.
1982 NEH Publication Matching Grant of $15,000 for Hindu Temple Art of Orissa.
1983 Millard Meiss Publication Grant $45,000 for Hindu Temple Art of Orissa.
1995 Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Art Publication Grant of one million rupees as co-publishers for Iconography of the Buddhist Sculpture of Orissa.


Ohio Asianist
Midwest Art History
American XCommittee for South Asian Art

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