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    Gender, Space and Re...

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Gender, Space and Resistance: Women and Theatre in India

Women and Theatre in India by: Anita Singh , Tarun Tapas Mukherjee

This anthology raises, discusses and debates issues, aesthetics and techniques connected with the Indian theatre in the backdrop of political, social and moral values of women in theatre. Unearthing the dynamics of gender, it fills up the vacuum of scholarly literature on the role of women in theatre.



ISBN: 9788124606926
Year Of Publication: 2013
Edition: 1st
Pages : xiii, 660p.
Bibliographic Details : Index
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
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This book explores the presence and contribution of women to the recorded history of Indian theatre. It provides a platform to raise, discuss and debate issues, aesthetics and techniques connected with the Indian theatre in the backdrop of political, social and moral values of women in theatre. An attempt to fill up the vacuum of scholarly literature on the role of women in theatre, this book expects to create enough academic value and interest. Its content unearths the dynamics of gender in the history of theatre. It extensively deals with the theoretical and practical aspects of women’s theatre.
This anthology also addresses the various social issues associated with gender inequality through essays, play-texts and interviews. In a similar vein, it delves deep into the relationship among theatre, public/private sphere and gender. This work purports to address a variety of needs of feminist researchers and laymen who are not conversant with the contribution of women to theatre and its obvious political and transformative intent.
This collection also intends to see how the theatrical space could unsettle the gendered binaries regulating women’s presence in public space, and proposes to see why and how relevant feminist politics is in re-imagining a vibrant and inclusive concept of gender fairness and justice in contemporary India. It extends high referral value for researchers, students and even laymen with interest in the role of women in theatre.


Foreword — C.S. Lakshmi
Preface — Anita Singh
Introduction: On and Beyond the Stage: Women and Theatre in India — Anita Singh
Part I
Mapping the Field
1. Female Theatre Artists in Bharata’s Natyashastra
– Iravati
2. Intimate Thoughts and Revolts in a Codified language : Women’s Creativity in Kutiyattam (Kerala)
– Coralie Casassas
3. Jyotsna Dutta, and After
– Gourab Ghosh
4. Acting out of Line : A Study on Chapal Bhaduri’s Performance in Performing the Goddess
– Sanchita Das
5. Women in Nautanki : Exploring the Attachments of Tradition and Gender
– Vibha Sharma
6. The Politics of the Labouring Body and an Emerging Feminist Consciousness (1960-1980) : Keya Chakrabarti and Nandikar
– Trina Nileena Banerjee
7. Laughing at Domestic Violence : On Viewing Gender Roles and other Comedic Complexities on the Tamil Popular Stage
– Susan Seizer
8. Witnessing Movement : The Women Artists of the Indian People’s Theatre Association’s Central Squad
– Sharmistha Saha
9. Theatre/Theory of Rashid Jahan, “Angareywali”
– Nishat Haider
10. The Poetics of Resistance : Representation of Women and Conflict in Rabijita Gogoi’s Plays
– Nizara Hazarika
11. Violating Performance : Women, Law and the State of Exception
– Shayoni Mitra
12. Women in Indian Puppetry : Artists, Educators, Activists
– Claudia Orenstein
Part II
1. Sacrifice (Bali) by Tripti Mitra (Bengali Play)
– Translation : Nirban Manna
2. Daughter-in-Law (Bahu) by Tripurari Sharma (Hindi Play)
– Translation : Tripurari Sharma
3. Sita by Kamalini Mehta (Hindi Play)
– Translation : Anita Singh
4. In Search of the Goddess : A One-Woman Performance (English Play)
– Mallika Sarabhai
5. Pass the Buck on Brother by Sanjay Pawar (Marathi Play)
– Translation : Maya Pandit
6. Nowhere People by Jayant Pawar (Marathi Play)
– Translation : Maya Pandit
7. New Born by V. Padma “Mangai” (Telugu Play)
– Translation : S. Chitra
8. Labour Room by K.V. Sreeja (Malayalam Play)
– Translation : C.S.Biju and Vibin Krishnan
9. Aag Lagi Hai Jangal Ma/The Jungle is Burning : Confronting State Corruption and Rural Underdevelopment Through Feminist Theatre (Awadhi and Hindi Play)
– Translation and Commentary : Richa Nagar
Part III
1. Saoli Mitra By Anita Singh
2. Poile Sengupta By Anita Singh
3. Manjula Padmanabhan By Praggnaparamita Biswas
4. V. Padma “Mangai” By Anita Singh
5. Arenla Subong By Banibrata Mahanta
Contributor Notes

Meet the Author
Anita Singh is Professor, Department of English and Co-Coordinator, Centre for Women's Studies and Development, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India. Her areas of interests are Indian Feminist Theatre, Gender Studies and Performance Studies. She is both a critic and creative writer, and has published many articles, translations, book reviews, anthologies and short stories in various journals and magazines. Currently, she is working on a project sponsored by the Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi, on “Staging Gender: Performing Women in Ramlila of Ramnagar”.
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Tarun Tapas Mukherjee is Assistant Professor, Department of English, Bhatter College, Dantan. His research areas are Literary Criticism, Digital Technology for Literature, e-Literature and Cyber Culture. He is also the Editor of Rupkatha journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities.
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