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Exploring Medieval India through Persian Sources

by: Ali Athar , Pratapanand Jha



Genral Editor: Pratapanand Jha
ISBN: 9789380829760
Year Of Publication: 2020
Edition: 1st Edition
Pages : viii, 143p.
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: National Mission for Manuscripts
Size: 23
Weight: 400


Exploring Medieval India through Persian Sources revisits medieval Indian history through eleven authoritative and resourceful papers presented in a national seminar held at the Department of History, Aligarh Muslim University in 2016 by scholars of repute. The Persian sources include political chronicles, biographical accounts, Insha literature, mystic literature (malfuzat, maktubat, etc.), dastur of Amal, farmans, nishan, parwana, foreigners’ accounts, vernacular literature, epigraphy, numismatic, archaeology and paintings.
These papers should generate interest among the researchers to further showcase the world many a facet of India’s unknown intellect and history.



Prof. Pratapanand Jha


– Prof Ali Athar

  1. Taj ul Maathir

– Ali Athar

  1. Afghan Historiography of Fifteenth-sixteenth Century and Afghans in India: Some Glimpses and a Relook at Afghan History

– M. Waseem Raja          

  1. Economic Condition of Medieval Bengal as Reflected in Persian Sources

– Abdul Motleb Shaikh    

  1. Reconstructing the Past through Malfuzat Literature: The Case of Fawaid-ul-Fuad

– Amit Dey

  1. Reflection of Muslim Intellectual Life in the Akhbar-ul-Akhyar: A Tazkira of the Sixteenth Century

– Aneesa Iqbal Sabir       

  1. Medieval Monuments of Qasba Nagaur: Study Based on Persian Inscriptions

– Jibraeil   

  1. New Light on the War of Successions (1657-58 ce): Based on Two Newly-Discovered Nishans of Prince Muhammad Shuja and Prince Dara Shukoh

– M.A. Haque       

  1. Cultural Aspect of Badaun: As Reflected in Arabic and Persian Inscriptions (Thirteenth-fourteenth Century)

– Mohammad Nafeesh    

  1. Practice of the Robes of Honour under the Mughals

– Mohammad Anash       

  1. Beneficiaries of Madad-i Ma‘ash, Rozinah and Hiba: Some Reflections on Persian Documents of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries from Malwa

– Nishat Manzar   

  1. Shah Jahan-Nama: Imperial Views of History

– Gulfishan Khan 





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“Exploring Medieval India through Persian Sources”

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