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Indigenous Methods and Manuscript Preservation

by: Anupam Sah

The National Mission for Manuscripts, through its nationwide documentation efforts, is engaged in preserving and rendering accessible India’s knowledge cultures. The Mission’s Seminar Series, Samrakshka, which began in February 2005, presents various regional and local practices employed in the creation and preservation of manuscripts.



ISBN: 9788190402903
Year Of Publication: 2007
Edition: 1st
Pages : xvii, 252
Bibliographic Details : 22 Coloured plates; 4 b/w photographs; Index
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
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The National Mission for Manuscripts was established as a five-year project in February 2003 by the Department of Culture, the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Government of India. Its purpose is to locate, document, preserve and disseminate the knowledge content of Indian manuscripts. The Mission, through its nation-wide network and documentation efforts, is engaged in preserving and rendering accessible India’s knowledge cultures, seeking to link the ideas and visions of the past with the future. The Mission’s Seminar Series, ‘Samrakska’, began with a Seminar in February 2005 on Oral Traditions and Indigenous Methods of Preservation and Conservation of Manuscripts. Papers presented during this Seminar deal with the various regional and local practices employed in the creation and preservation of manuscripts. They provide valuable information on old and indigenous techniques which, over the years, have been relegated to the margins of contemporary conservation practices and deserve a revival. Conducted over a period of three years, the Seminar provided ample opportunity to the participants to share their ideas and experiences, discuss the merits of various alternatives and formulate plans in the area of manuscript conservation for the future.


— Sudha Gopalakrishnan
Key to Transliteration
— Anupam Sah
Keynote Address
— O.P. Agrawal
1. Learning and Aphasia: Reflections on India’s Oral Traditions
— G.N. Devy
2. The Sacred Thread
— Heather Brown
3. An Introduction to the Traditional Practices for the Control of Bio-Deterioration of Manuscripts
–K.K. Gupta
4. Indigenous Conservation Practices for Palm-leaf Manuscripts in India
— C.N.K. Alahakoon
5. Traditional Method of Sancipat Making and Preparation of Ink in Ancient Assam
— Bhupen Goswamee
6. Sancipat Tradition: A Study in the Majuli Island of Assam
— Utpal Das
7. Scientific Analysis of Traditional Indigenous Methods of Manuscript Preservation
— Sudhendu Mandal
— Sanjay Kumar Maiti
8. The Use of Turmeric in the Preservation of Manuscripts
— S. Subbaraman
9. Traditional Methods of Conservation of Paper Manuscripts: As Gleaned from Two Persian Texts
— Imtiaz Ahmad
10. Awareness and Practices of Manuscript Preservation in Ancient and Medieval India: A Review of Literary Evidence
— Shreenand L. Bapat
11. Traditional Practices and Palm-leaf Manuscripts in Tamil Nadu
— V. Jeyaraj
12. Manuscript Conservation in the Shaivite Mathas of the Erode District of Tamil Nadu
— C. Maheswaran
13. Indigenous Practices and Materials for Conservation of Manuscripts in Libraries
— S.K. Das
14. Palm-leaf Manuscripts and Indigenous Conservation Practices at the Saraswati Mahal Library, Thanjavur
— P. Perumal
15. The Manuscripts of the Tawang Monastery
— Maltesh Motebennur
— Nawang Phuntso
16. Manuscript Conservation Methods Employed at the Rampur Raza Library
— W.H. Siddiqui
17. Paper Making at Sanganer: Changes Over Time
— Ritu Jain
18. The Jain Approach to the Conservation of Manuscripts
— Jitendra B. Shah
19. Kadata of Karnataka: An Introduction
— Usha Suresh
20. Indigenous Methods of Conservation of Manuscripts in Manipur
— K. Sushila Devi
21. Decline and Revival of Forgotten Manuscript Traditions
— Anupam Sah
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