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    Theories of Illusion...

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Theories of Illusion in Indian Philosophy

by: Debamitra Dey

This volume extensively deals with the concept of false cognition, or illusion, and analyses how the Samkhya-Yoga, Buddhist, Nyaya, Mimamsa and Vedanta schools of thought have criticized their opponents to establish their own view from the metaphysical and epistemological standpoints on illusion, along with many more minor theories.


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ISBN: 9788124608296
Year Of Publication: 2015
Edition: 1st edition
Pages : xi, 136p.
Bibliographic Details : Bibliography; Inde
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
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Every school of Indian philosophy has prescribed its own ways to obliterate human sufferings in the best possible manner. More or less each of them has pointed out that the root cause of sufferings is false cognition of human being about the world and its objects. Only true cognition can eliminate the false one and like the destruction of a series in a chain, the sufferings will be automatically demolished at a point of time. Hence it is necessary to know the nature as well as the characteristics of false cognition.
The term illusion is used to denote false cognition according to Indian philosophy. So it may or may not have similarities with the views of Western thought. Each major school of Indian philosophy has analysed the theory of illusion from its metaphysical as well as epistemological standpoint. As a result, major theories — Samkhya-Yoga, Buddhist, Nyaya, Mimamsa and Vedanta — regarding illusion (popularly known as Khyativada) and many more minor theories have originated.
This volume thus extensively analyses how these schools have criticized their opponents’ standpoint to establish their own view, making it an interesting reading for everyone, be it a general reader, a student or a scholar in a simple and easy to understand format and language.


Interdisciplinary Relevance
Summary of the Work
Significance of Work to the Society
1. Samkhya–Yoga Theory
The Samkhya View of Error: Are They Akhyativadins or Sadasadkhyativadins?
Refutation of Asatkhyativada in Samkhya-Sutra
Refutation of Satkhyativada in Samkhya-Sutra
Refutation of Anirvacaniyakhyativada in Samkhya-Sutra
Refutation of Anyathakhyativada in Samkhya-Sutra
Conclusion: Establishment of Sadasadkhyativada
The Yoga Theory of Illusion
2. Buddhist Theory
Asatkhyati of the Madhyamika School
Atmakhyati of the Yogacara School
The View of Dharmakirti in Nyayabindu
View of Shantarakshita in Tattvasamgraha
3. Nyaya Theory
Theory of Viparitakhyati and Refutation of It
Theory of Asatkhyati and Refutation of It
Theory of Atmakhyati and Refutation of It
Theory of Akhyati and Refutation of It
4. Mimamsa Theory
The Theory of the Prabhakara System: Akhyativada
The Theory of Akhyati Found
in Other System’s Texts
The Theory of Illusion by the Mimamsa School
Found in Nyayakumudacandra
The Theory of Illusion by the Mimamsa School
Found in Prameyakamalamartanda
The Theory of Error in Prabhakara-Mimamsa
Text, Prakaranapanchika
The Prabhakara Text, Prakaranapanchika
5. Vedanta Theory
Advaita Theory of Illusion
Refutation of Asatkhyativada
Refutation of Atmakhyativada
Refutation of Akhyativada
Refutation of Anyathakhyativada
The Establishment of Anirvacaniyakhyativada
Vishishtadvaita Theory of Illusion

Meet the Author
Debamitra Dey, MA, Ph.D. had her graduation and masters from Jadavpur University. She was awarded University Gold medal and Gourinath Sastri Gold medal for being topper in both the courses. Further to that, she joined the Department of Sanskrit as a Research Scholar and got her Ph.D. She taught at Lady Brabourne College and Bethune College. Currently, Dr Dey is Assistant Professor at Department of Sanskrit, A.B.N. College. She presented many papers at national and international conferences, and has also chaired various sessions. She has published two books — Prasanga-Pramana and Bharatiya Darshan: Astik O Nastik Prasthana Samuha — and many articles in various journals of international repute.
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