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Tejaswini Nariyon ki Jeevangatha by: Vijay Kumar Singh

This book records the contribution and sacrifice of sixty-seven great Indian women from various walks of life. These short biographical accounts capture in letter and spirit the strength and power of women in various fields like education, music, dance, literature, sports, service, religion and spirituality.



ISBN: 9788182650268
Year Of Publication: 2014
Edition: 1st
Pages : 144p.
Language : Hindi
Binding : Paperback
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Size: 22
Weight: 225


Tejasvini is an inspirational handbook that records the contribution and sacrifice of sixty-seven great Indian women from various walks of life. These short biographical accounts capture in letter and spirit the strength and power of women from eleventh century ce to our present times. This book surveys the role of women in various fields like education, music, dance, literature, sports, service, religion and spirituality that the history has witnessed time and again.
This book also records the supportive role of women during revolutionary periods. The sacrifice of women during renaissance movements and in freedom struggle especially during the Revolt of 1857 is a highly motivating remainder of their bravery and valour. The lives of these women, marked by discipline and strengthened by ethical codes, have made them immortal beings that will serve as the guiding spirit for generations to come. There is a place in this book highlighting the lives of many lesser or unknown warriors, scholars, artists, devotees and others.
This book is expected to inspire young minds, especially the women of modern India.


(A Short Biography of Inspiring Women)
1. The First Sacrificial Pyre at Chittoor
2. Ecstatic Devotee of Krishna: Mirabai
3. The Self-sacrifice of Queen Durgavati
4. The Second Sacrificial Pyre at Chittoor
5. The “Creator” of Shivaji: Mother Jijabai
6. The Ascetic Royal Mother: Ahalyabhai Holkar
7. The Valourous Queen of Kittoor: Chennamma
8. An Incomparable Warrior: Begam Hazrat Mahal
9. The Revolutionary Danseuse: Ajijan Bai
10. An Epitome of Courage: Avanti Bai Lodhi
11. The Brave Warrior: Jhalkari Bai
12. The Immortal Sacrifice of Jhansi Rani
13. Her Holiness Revered Queen: Sunanda
14. The Young Sacrificer: Maina
15. Devotee of India: Dr Annie Besant
16. An Embodiment of Wisdom: Ramabhai
17. The First Flag Hoister: Bhikaji Cama
18. The Great Indian Daughter: Nivedita
19. Freedom Fighter: Matangini Hazara
20. Indian Soul in Foreign Body: The Mother
21. The Nightingale of India: Sarojini Naidu
22. A Life of Divine Music: Vidyadhari Devi
23. The Austerity of Mrinalini Devi
24. A Vibrant Young Leader: Jyotirmayi Ganguli
25. The Immortal Sati: Ramrakhi Devi
26. An Embodiment of Compassion: Sri Sri Mother Anandamayi
27. The Human Shield of a Revolutionary: Toshika Bose
28. Dedicated to Women Welfare: Sarasvati Tai Apte
29. The Great Austere: Mother Rupkanwar
30. The Singer of Bravery and Courage: Shubhadra Kumari Chauhan
31. The Revolutionary: Susheela Didi
32. Pioneer in Women Movement/Awareness: Lakshimibai Khelkar
33. A Stern Resolver: Prabhavati Devi
34. The Pride of Delhi Satyagraha Movement: Sister Satyavati
35. The Voice of Women Consciousness: Mahadevi Varma
36. The Revolutionary: Durga Bhabhi
37. Accomplisher of Melody: Siddheshwari
38. The Guide in the Path of Service: Bhagirathi Jain
39. Dedicated to the Upliftment of Women: Durgabhai Deshmukh
40. A Scholar of Tribal Literature and Culture: Dr Durga Bhagawat
41. The Life Partner of Subhash: Emily Schenkel Bose
42. Self-sacrificer: Preetilatha Vadedar
43. Classical Musician: Gangubhai Hangal
44. Educationist: Shrimati Susheela Devi
45. Ghazal Singer: Begam Akhtar
46. Leader of Independence: Royal Mother Gaidinlu
47. Brave Youngsters: Shanti Ghosh and Suneeta Chaudhary
48. The Soul of Indian Music: Subbulakshmi
49. The Multi-faceted Artist: Indirabhai Rajaram Khelkar
50. Director of Bhumigat Radio: Usha Mehta
51. The Mucsial Journey of Juthika Rai
52. The Royal Ascetic: Didi Prakashmani
53. The Scintillating Writer: Gaura Pant “Shivani”
54. The Kathak Exponent: Rohini Bhate
55. The Chipko Movement and Gauradevi
56. The Sarod Expert: Sarodrani
57. The Queen of Melody: Lata Mangeshkar
58. An Embodiment of Compassion: Sister Usha
59. Devotee of Vitthal: Jaitunabi
60. The Sacrifice of a Tribal Girl: Kalibai
61. The Mother of Nature: Birmati Devi
62. The Folk Musician: Rukma Manganiyar
63. The Grandeur of Assamese Literature: Indira Goswami
64. The Bestower of Nectar: Maa Amrtanandamayi
65. The Visionary of Indian Economic Thought: Dr Kusumalatha Kediya
66. Pandwani – Folk Singer: Teejanbai
67. The Flying Angel: P.T. Usha

Meet the Author
Dr. Vijay Kumar Singh, a Reader in the Department of Chinese and Tibetan Language, Panjab University, did his Masters in Buddhist Studies from the University of Delhi and was awarded PhD in Tibetan Buddhism from Panjab University, Chandigarh. He has written several papers on Tibetan Buddhism. These have been published in national and international journals and several books. He remains one of the very few scholars in the field of Lam Rim Teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. Lam Rim teachings are considered to be the base of Buddhist scriptures that reached Tibet from India during the introduction of Buddhism in Tibet in 7th century. In Tibetan language, Lam means path and Rim is graded. Hence, the Lam Rim teaching is considered to be of Indian origin, but developed to its present extent by the Tibetan masters in their own environment with local flavours and soon it earned the respect and command of all the sects and sub-sects of Buddhism in Tibet.
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