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Sraddha-Sagara of Kullukabhatta

With a Critical Exposition and Introduction by: S.G. Moghe

In this critical edition of Sraddha-Sagara, by Kullukabhatta, Prof. Moghe highlights the importance of Sraddha-Sagara and its author, focussing specially on Kulluka’s status vis-a-vis other writers on sraddha.


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ISBN: 9788124600160
Year Of Publication: 1994
Edition: 1st
Pages : 294
Bibliographic Details : Appendices; Bibliography
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Size: 23 cm.
Weight: 500


A religious institution with millennia of uninterrupted continuity, shraddha (broadly) is an individual’s homage, through certain ritualistic offerings, to the sacred memory of his ancestors. Involved in the shraddha-ritual is also, perhaps, the Hindu belief in the doctrine of metempsychosis. Shraddha-Sagara, written sometime during 1520-1620, by a celebrated scholar: Kullukabhatta, offers an authoritative, manifold exposition of this ageless ritual. Yet, in treating the shraddha-theme — from Dharmashastra, its author, Kulluka exhibits a striking originality by applying the Purva-Mimamsa logic to ancestral worship. Which makes his Shraddha-Sagara both unique and unrivalled in the literature of the genre. Here is the first ever critical edition of this rare, hitherto-unpublished work — with Kulluka’s original text (in Devanagari script) and a comprehensive introduction, footnotes and comments. Himself a reputed scholar of Dharmashastra literature, the editor: Professor Moghe, highlights the importance of Shraddha-Sagara and of its author, focussing specially on Kulluka’s status vis-a-vis other writers on shraddha. Essentially in the nature of a ‘digest’, Kullukabhatta’s work abounds with quotations. Which Prof. Moghe not only identifies, but also locates in their diverse sources : smritis, shrutis, puranas, astronomical/astrological texts, and even grammatical treatises. Also demonstrating how and where Kulluka’s readings are corrupt, deficient or grammatically flawed, the book suggests correctives — with variant readings in the footnotes. Supplementing this critical edition are seven appendices, listing/indexing the whole range of works, referred to in Shraddha Sagara.


Part I
1. Shraddha — An Introduction
Derivation and Meaning of Shraddha
The Instituion of Shraddha
Classification of Shraddhas
Modern Men and Shraddha
2. The Present Edition of Shraddha-Sagara
3. Nature of the Manuscript
Confusion of Proper Names
Two Readings at Two Different Places
Misleading Readings
Introduction of Brackets
Order of the Sentences
Omission of the Group of Letters or Words or Lines
Wrong Junctions or Division of Words
Omission or Insertion of Seemingly Unimportant Words or Letters
Interchange of Letters
Missing Words
New Readings
Quotation Without Location
Emendations on Several Grounds
Ascription of One Quotation to Different Texts or Authors
Wrong Readings
4. Kullukabhatta and his works
5. Date of Kullukabhatta
The Theory of Dr. George Buhler
Examination of this Argument
The Theory of J.C. Ghose and Asutosh Mukerjee
Examination of the Views of Ghose and Mukerjee
The Theory of MM. Chakravarti
Examination of the Theory of MM. Chakravarti
Theory of MM. Dr. P.V. Kane
Examination of the Arguments of Dr. Kane
Independent Arguments Advanced by the Present Author
6. Relation of Kulluka’s Shraddha-Sagara to Lakshmidhara’s Krityakalpataru-Shraddha-Kanda
7. Kullukabhatta and the Writers from Bengal
8. Kulluka and other Writers of Shraddha
9. The Importance of Kulluka’s Shraddha-Sagara in the Dharma-Shastra Literature
10. Chronological Dates of the Authorities quoted by Kullukabhatta in his Shraddha-Sagara
The Dated of the Authors Quoted in this Work
Part II
Critically Edited Text of
Appendix ‘A’ : Index of the Smriti Works Quoted by Kullukabhatta
Appendix ‘B’ : Index of the Puranas Quoted in the Shraddha-Sagara
Appendix ‘C’ : Index of the Commentators and Digest Works Quoted in the Shraddha-Sagara
Appendix ‘D’ : Index of the Shruti Passages and the Sutra Works Quoted in the Shraddha-Sagara
Appendix ‘E’ : Index of Astronomical and Astrological Works Quoted in the Shraddha-Sagara
Appendix ‘F’ : Index of the Authorities Quoted in the Foot-Notes
Appendix ‘G’ : The Mimamsa Doctrines Appealed to by Kullukabhatta to Interpret Dharma-Shastra Texts

Meet the Author
Prof. S.G. Moghe is an eminent Sanskritist, specializing in Dharmashastra and the Purva-Mimamsa system of traditional philosophy. An extensively published author and recipient of the prestigious Springer Research Scholarship (1981-83) — for his work: Purva Mimamsa and Alamkara Shastra, he has recently been honoured, by the Government of Maharashtra, as ‘a distinguished Sanskrit scholar’. Currently, Dr. Moghe is professor-in-charge, Postgraduate Studies, Marathawada University, and also Head of the Sanskrit Department, Government Arts and Science College, Aurangabad.
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