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Neither This Nor That But . . . Aum

One Hundred Meditations Based on Narayana Guru’s Atmopadesa Satakam by: Nitya Chaitanya Yati

This volume, written originally in Malayalam, embodies a stimulating mystic composition, Atmopadesa Satakam (‘One Hundred Verses of Self-Instruction’) unfolding magnificently the relationship of man with the cosmos.



ISBN: 9788124600573
Year Of Publication: 2006
Edition: 4th
Pages : xvi, 221
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Size: 23 cm.
Weight: 450


The volume embodies a highly stimulating mystic composition : Atmopadesha Shatakam, literally “One Hundred Verses of Self-Instruction”, unfolding magnificently the relationship of man with cosmos. Written, originally in Malayalam, by Narayana Guru: a mystic, philosopher, visionary, and poet of yester-years, these verses are like the eternal beacon showing us the way to know the meaning of life through Self-awareness. The title, Neither This Nor That But . . . Aum, is derived from the last: the hundredth, verse of Atmopadesha Shatakam. The 99 verses that precede it clearly explain the “This” and “That” in which our lives become entangled. But as we progress from verse to verse, we find unveiled before us “the untold magic of the silent Word: the secret of supreme realization”. Guru Nitya, who is a key figure in the spiritual hierarchy of Narayana Guru, here reproduces all these ever-enlightening verses of Atmopadesha Shatakam : each in its Roman transliteration, together with its English translation, meaning and, besides these, also the guidelines for meditation. “Each verse (of Atmopadesha Satakam)”, observes Edda Walker in her Foreword, “is as perfect and complete as a rare pearl, and these perfect pearls are linked by the golden thread of pure essence, which is my essence, your essence, our inheritance”.


Author’s Note
Narayana Guru
Guide to Malayalam Pronunciation
Verse 1 to 100

Meet the Author
After his matriculation, Guru Nitya left home as a wandering mendicant to familiarize himself with the land and people of his country of birth. He met great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and poets of high repute and sat at the feet of several spiritual masters, including Sufi fakirs, Jain munis, and Buddhist monks, and Hindu teachers such as Ramana Maharshi and Nityananda. In 1947 he joined the University College, Alwaye, Kerala to continue his academic studies. After specializing in philosophy and psychology, he taught these subjects in Indian universities. In 1951, he accepted Nataraja Guru - founder and head of the Narayana Gurukula - as his spiritual preceptor. In 1973 he followed him as head and Guru of the Gurukula, a world community of spiritual seekers. Between 1970 and 1980 he taught courses in psychology, philosophy, yoga, and aesthetics at universities in the US and other countries. He also was the chairperson of the East-West University of Unitive Sciences and the Commissioner for World Education. Guru Nitya published over 120 books in Malayalam and 80 books in English, as well as countless articles on philosophy, psychology, social ethics, and aesthetics. His writings combine rare insight and profound wisdom with an ability to communicate in terms readily understood by students everywhere.