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Mind and Meditation

The Art and Science of Awakening by: Amit Jain

This uncovers the secrets of mind so that one can awaken, and prepares one for meditation. It breaks a lot of myths about meditation. Human machine has three brains and the book elaborates that using these minds, one can keep away from diseases, stress, ageing, etc. It also teaches one how to transform negative thoughts to creative ones, and how to use the calm mind and intuition to solve our problems that circumvent us in our day-to-day life.



ISBN: 9788124606742
Year Of Publication: 2012
Edition: 1st
Pages : v, 73p.
Language : English
Binding : Paperback
Publisher: Gnosis
Size: 25cm.
Weight: 180


Mind and Meditation opens the doors of wisdom for people interested in knowing what meditation is and how to meditate.
In this book, Dr Amit Jain uncovers the secrets of our mind, so that we can awaken. In simple words, this book prepares us for meditation. It breaks lots of myths related to meditation. The book reveals that the human machine has not one but three brains and how by using the three brains in a balanced way one can keep oneself away from diseases, stress, aging, etc. The book also throws light on different types of minds and how they trap us and destroy our intuition.
Overall the book calls the reader to learn how to transform negative thoughts. For those wanting to achieve a calm mind, it’s a blessing. It also teaches how to use this calm mind and intuition to solve our problems creatively. Insightful and life changing!


1. The Human Machine and its 3 Brains Revealing the Movers and Shakers Inside You
2. What is Mind? Riding the Dragon — 3 Types of Mind!
3. How to Transform Anything that Bugs you — The Dynamic Meditation
4. The Science of Meditation — The Silence of the Mind!

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