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    Kusana Coins and His...

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Kusana Coins and History

by: Parmeshwari Lal Gupta , Sarojini Kulashreshtha

Dr. P.L. Gupta examines myriad coins of the Kusanas to convincingly resolve the chronological puzzles of these Indo-Scythian kings — from their rise in mid-2nd century ad to their extinction in ad 370.



ISBN: 9788124600177
Year Of Publication: 2017
Edition: 2nd
Pages : 209, [+8]
Bibliographic Details : Bibliography; Index; 31 B/w photographs
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Size: 23 cm.
Weight: 500


The scions of a Central Asia’s nomadic tribe, (called Yueh-chi), KUSHANAS descended upon the plains of northern India — sometime around the first century after Christ. And gradually built a great, vastly extensive empire in the Yamuno-Gangetic region. But, owing to a marked deficiency of indigenous literary sources, Kushana history has continued to be the sport of conjecture. Or, for the last 200 years or so, an area of chroniclers’ debate, involving scholars: both Indian and European. A numismatist of international renown, Dr. P.L. Gupta examines myriad coins of the Kushanas, including some of the very recent finds, to convincingly resolve the chronological puzzles of these Indo-Scythian kings: from their very rise in mid-second century ad to their final extinction in circa 370 ad. Corroborating the conclusions of his lifetime research on coins, with inscriptional material, he elicits fresh evidence on various important aspects of Kushana history: ranging from span of their era to the domains of their political authority. Barring the inclusion of two papers, written by Dr. Sarojini Kulashreshtha, this volume is an exquisite presentation of Dr. Gupta’s writings on numismatics and related historical aspects. Now offered with highly representative visual material, extensive bibliographic references, and an elaborate introduction, these papers, when pieced together, evolve a stimulating framework for the scholars working on Kushana history.


List of Illustrations
1. Eastern Expansion of the Kushana Empire
2. Date of Kushana Currency in the Eastern India
3. Gold Amulets and the Kushana History
4. Date of Kanishka
5. Kanishka, Son of Huvishka
6. Kushana-Murunda Rule in Eastern India
Gold Amulets or Medallions
Gold Coins as Ornaments
Gold Coins
Copper Coins
North Bihar — North of the River Ganga — Western Bihar — Border of U.P. — South BIhar — South of Ganga, Magadha — Chhota Nagpur Region — Ancient Jharkhand — Orissa — Andhra Pradesh — Bengal
7. Romano-Kushana Medallion: Nature and Importance
8. Chronology of Post-Vasudeva Rulers and Allied Tribes
9. Quarter-Stater of Kanishka
10. Coins of Vashishka
11. Kushana Coins from Mathura Region
12. Kushanas in the Yamuno-Gangetic Region
Vima Kadphises in the East
Huvishka I — Father of Kanishka
Huvishka II and III
Theory of Conjoint Rule — A Fallacy
Vasudeva — More than One
Post-Vasudeva Kushana Rulers
Decline of the Kushanas
The Epoch of the Kanishka (Kushana) Era

Meet the Author
Dr. Parmeshwari Lal Gupta was a distinguished numismatist, with international recognition. And, this besides, an educationist, a social reformer, a journalist, a museologist, a litterateur, and a tireless researcher — all rolled into one: into his one versatile personality. Also an Honorary Fellow of Numismatic Society of India (Elected 1974), Honorary Member of International Numismatic Commission (Elected 1986), and Honorary Fellow of Royal Numismatic Society, London (Elected 1975), Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain, and Asiatic Society of Bombay (both elected in 1993), he has chaired History/Archaeology/Fine Arts/Numismatics sections of various national and international conferences. Dr. Gupta was a prolific writer too, credited with the authorship of over 30 books and 250 research papers on diverse themes from his several specialized disciplines. Among his other achievements, he was the recipient of many prestigious awards/honours, including Huntington Medal, Lhotka Memorial Prize, Royal Numismatic Society’s Medal, and Sir J. Sarkar Gold Medal.
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Dr. Sarojini Kulashreshtha, an educationist, is a renowned Hindi poetess and story writer having several collections to her credit. She is also Sahitya-Mahopadhyaya of Hindi Sahitya Sammelan. Besides, being the resident of Mathura, she is deeply interested in the ancient history of Mathura, particularly of the Kushanas and occassionally contributes articles/research papers related to them.
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