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History Today Vol. 15 (2014)

Journal of the History and Historical Archaeology by: Sulochana Radhakrishnan , Saroj Gulati

History Today is a journal devoted to History, Historical Archaeology, Studies of Manuscripts, Education, Literature, Linguistics, etc. The present volume is a reprint of an earlier issue containing ten articles written by eminent historians and art lovers.



ISBN: 9788124608609
Year Of Publication: 2014
Edition: 1st Edition
Pages : xi, 204p.
Language : English
Binding : Paperback
Publisher: Indian History and Culture Society
Size: 28
Weight: 850


History Today is an official organ of the Indian History and Culture Society that is sincerely and single-mindedly devoted to history, historical archaeology, studies of manuscripts, education, literature, linguistics, etc.
The present volume, being a reprint of an earlier issue, contains eight articles written by eminent historians and art lovers. The subjects vary from Pattern of Urban Growth in northern India; shifting contours of Temple Patronage in Rajasthan; Tawaif and Khawas in erstwhile Hyderabad State; Islam and Islamic Iconoclasm in India; Prof. Habib’s reaction to ASI’s Report on Ayodhya; a critique of Habib’s reaction; Rejection of Caste Inequalities by the Sikh Gurus; and use of Plastering Materials in Ancient India. The volume also carries Notes, News and New Source Material on the above topics.
The annual History Today journal has already published eight issues consecutively and has received high acclaim among historians, researchers and students.


Western Representation of Early Modern India
– Keshav Mishra
Buddhist Monasteries in Zangskar Region
– R.C. Agrawal
Court, Culture and the Arts: Lesser known Persian sources (18th Century CE)
– Chander Shekhar
Dynamics of English Trade and Commerce in the Riverine City of Medieval Patna
– Rohan
The Changing Contours of the Character and Personality of the Ayah in English Fiction and Non-Fiction During the Nineteenth Century
– Anil Jessop Chauhan
Odam – The Sewn Boat of Lakshadweep, Pointers to Indian Maritime Tradition
Lotika Varadarajan
A Fresh Appraisal to the Stone Images of Hindu Gods in Museums of Myanmar
– Vinay Kumar Rao
The Educational Policy in Colonial India: Causes and Effects
– Ankit Agarwal
Bhakti, Royalty and Fortunes of a Vishnu Temple: Growth of Sree Padmanabha Swami Temple as a Royal Shrine
– Gopi Krishnan. G
Relevance of Manusmriti in Contemporary India
– Saroj Gulati
Response and Reaction to Colonial Rule in Punjab – A Case Study of Civil Disobedience
– S.K. Jolly
Benaras: During Colonial Rule
Asha Joshi
Role of Hyderabad State in 1857
– Vandana Kaushik
Power and Politics in Ancient India — Secularism, Sectarianism and Opportunism in the Governance of King Guhasena
– Pankaj Sharma
The Forgotten Marina: Interrogating Kallada of Kollam
Vysakh A.S.
Discovery of an Inscription and Historical Tradition of Parashara-Tirtha, District Karnal, Haryana
– Arun Kesarwani, Surinder Vashisth, Rajpal, Vinay Kumar, Mohan Lal and Sananda
Mughal Emperor Babur’s Contribution for the Planning and Designing of Gardens in India (1526-1530 CE)
S.M. Azizuddin Husain
Hindu Monasteries of Mattamayur Sect of Shaivism in Bundelkhand Region: A study on the basis of Rannod Inscription
– Neeta Yadav
A Study of Buddhist Sculptural Remains from the District Murshidabad, West Bengal
– Bijan Mondal
Notes, News and New Source Material
Rare Representation of a Sakyamuni Buddha with Ashta-Maha-Bodhisattva-Mandala in Ghosravan, Bihar: An Iconographical Study
– Pampa Biswas
Chauri-Chaura: Retrospective Account
– Aroop Chakravarti
Survey, Documentation and Study of Vetala Images and Cult from Konkan Region of Maharashtra
– Shilpa Hadap
Newly Discovered Rock Art Sites in Adhaura Block of Kaimur Region, Bihar
– Sachin Kumar Ti wary, Kamala Ram Bind
A Copper Ring of the Aulikara King Naravarmman
– Devendra Handa
Abjad: The Numerological Language of Archaeology
– Mohd. Azhar Sabir
Report of the XXXVII Annual Conference of Indian History and Culture Society
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