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Dishonoured by Philosophers

Upamana in Indian Epistemology by: Uma Chattopadhyay

The volume is a study of the importance of upamana (knowledge by analogy) in Indian epistemology, with special focus on the Nyaya (and Mimamsa) positions on upamana and the usefulness of upamana as stressed by the Naiyàyikas. It highlights also the views of some schools against upamana as such.



ISBN: 9788124605202
Year Of Publication: 2009
Edition: 1st
Pages : xiv, 255
Bibliographic Details : Glossary; Bibliography; Index
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Size: 23 cm.
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The volume is a study of the importance of upamana (knowledge by analogy) in Indian epistemology. The two stalwart schools of Nyaya and Mimamsa admit the relevance of upamana but differ with regard to many things including the object of knowledge by upamana.
This book explores the way Naiyayikas and the Mimamsakas differ on some major points with reference to upamana — in their very definition of upamana, for instance. The focus is on the Nyaya position on upamana and the usefulness of upamana as stressed by the Naiyayikas. The analytic study by the dialectical method explains the classical Nyaya view of upamana of Gautama and his followers and then the classical Mimamsa views. It considers the views of Naiyayikas Jayanta Bhatta and Udayanacarya to show how much the Naiyayikas were logical in accepting a particular view on upamana. It gives the views of some other schools including the Bauddha and Vaiseshika schools against upamana as such and against Nyaya and Mimamsa views of upamana in particular. Throughout, a number of philosophical scholars and their original texts spread over many centuries are examined.
The book will interest scholars and students of Indian philosophy.


Introduction : Setting the debate
Part One
Classical Versions of Nyaya and Mimamsa Theories of Upamana
1. Nyaya Theory of Upamana : Classical Version
2. Mimamsa Theory of Upamana : Classical Version
Part Two
Critical Development of the Mimamsa Theory of Upamana
3. Bauddha and Vaiseshika Objections against the Classical Mimamsa View of Upamana
4. Mimamsa Theory of Upamana : Medieval and Modern versions
Part Three
Critical Development of the Nyaya Theory of Upamana
5. Bauddha and Vaiseshika Objections againt the Nyaya Theory of Upamana.
6. Development of the Nyaya Theory of Upamana
Part Four
Some More Objections from Internal and External Critics
7. Nyayaikadeshi (Bhasarvajna’s) View on Upamana
8. Upamana Serves no Purpose in Darshana
Part Five
Positive Views of Two Naiyayikas
9. Jayanatabhatta’s Views on Upamana
10. Udayanacarya’s Views on Upamana
Conclusion: Dishonoured by Philosophers?

Meet the Author
Uma Chattopadhyay is currently Reader in Philosophy, University of Calcutta. Educated at Jadavpur University, Dr. Chattopadhyay has a long teaching career in Calcutta University-affiliated undergraduate colleges, including Bethune College and Lady Brabourne College, Kolkata. She also taught at the post-graduate classes of Philosophy in Rabindra Bharati University and Jadavpur University. She has contributed papers in seminars organized by many centres of higher learning including the one at the Department of Theology, Philosophy of Religion at the Uppsala University, Sweden. For a short period, she was a Fellow at Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, Paris in 2005. Her current research interests include Indian Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Religion, Ethics (particularly Applied Ethics). The author specially enjoys studying philosophy, both Indian and Western, from local and global perspectives. She has published papers in many academic journals and anthologies.
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