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Philosophy of Brahman

by: A. Ramamurty

A profound work that addresses the major concern of ancient Indian metaphysical thought. Its discussion on the existence and nature of Brahman is simple and easy to understand. The book should be useful to scholars and students of Indian philosophy as well as to general readers.



ISBN: 9788124605530
Year Of Publication: 2010
Edition: 1st
Pages : vii, 142
Bibliographic Details : Bibliography; Index
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
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Weight: 350


This book is in one sense a critique of metaphysics usually viewed as an attempt to explain the existence of the world in terms of a reality which is regarded as the ultimate cause or source of the world, and in another sense to understand metaphysics as a profoundly significant attempt to know or understand the true or real nature of what is there, or what we all experience empirically, or the world. Most of the philosophers belonging to different schools of philosophy tried to understand the world in terms of a reality which is supposed to be the explanation of it. However, in the other approach to metaphysics which we discern in the philosophy of Shankara, and which is in tune with the basic insights of the Upanishads, a comprehensive attempt is made to know or understand the true or real nature of what we know empirically, or the world before any attempt is made to explain its existence. We therefore tried to analyse and understand critically the basic concepts involved in the ontological problem of Brahman, like the nature of the world, its causal explanation, nature and ontological status of matter, consciousness and its relation to spirit or self with a view to understanding the Advaitic insight that Brahman is the true nature of what we experience and know empirically, or the world.


1. Approach to World
2. Approach to World II
3. Brahman
4. Matter
5. Consciousness
6. Spirit or Self

Meet the Author
A. Ramamurty, Andhra University’s Ph.D (1965), is a reputed scholar of traditional Indian philosophy, with specialization in Vedanta. And has lectured, as the British Council’s visiting fellow, at different universities in the United Kingdom. Also, he has had the distinction of being on the Subject Panel (on Philosophy) of the University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi, and a member of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research. Currently, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Hyderabad, Dr. Ramamurty is credited with the authorship of ‘Advaita Mysticism of Shankara’ and ‘The Central Philosophy of the Rigveda’.