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Morality and Social Justice

by: Abha Singh

This book is a compilation of research papers which explore the various dimensions of morality and social justice and their intersection with justice, human rights, reservation and reverse discrimination, rights of children, etc. with a view to creating a society comprising peace and ordered liberty.


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ISBN: 9788186921531
Year Of Publication: 2010
Edition: 1st
Pages : viii, 432
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Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: Decent Books
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The highly stratified Indian society, with a history of domination by a few on all the sections of the society, is going through a predicament. There is a crisis for justice in every section of the society, particularly in those who have been tormented for centuries. In spite of many giant thinkers and much ameliorating process at the governmental level, social harmony has been on a constant decline.
In view of such a social situation, the modern concept of social justice appears to be complex. In a bid to provide social justice, attempts have been made to synthesize the meritarian and egalitarian elements, but the chaos at the distribution level of goods and services has led us to a long, dark tunnel, seemingly with no way out!
The ICPR-sponsored national congress on “Morality and Social Justice” convened at Patna, January 27–29, 2008, explored the various dimensions of morality and social justice in an apparent attempt to find a way out of the quagmire. Presentations from the seminar have been collected in the volume, which addresses the intersection of morality and social justice with justice, human rights, reservation and reverse discrimination, rights of children, religion, development, and many more.
The comprehensive volume includes contributions from such well-known scholars of social philosophy as editor Abha Singh and a host of others from multi-disciplines across India. The volume is an unprecedented examination of social situation prevailing in India, an honest assessment of how social harmony can either be destroyed or be preserved, and a thorough exploration of what steps might be necessary for the much-needed moral energy and social imagination in order to create a society comprising peace and ordered liberty.


Part I : Basic Concepts
1. Morality and Social Justice
— Nityananda Mishra
2. Moral Considerations in a Democratic Polity
— Vinod Kumari
3. Morality and Social Justice : A Review
— D.A. Gangadhar
4. Justice, Social Justice and Moral Values : Presuppositions and Connections
— Indoo Pandey Khanduri
5. Revisiting Morality and Social Justice
— Abha Singh
Part II : On Justice
6. Justice and Freedom : Conceptual and Cross-culture Activities
— R.P. Singh
7. Capability Approach : Theory and Practice
— Asha Mukherjee
8. Alterity Concept and Ethicality of Human Actions
— Mrityunjaya Narayan Sinha
9. The Greek Reversal of Justice : An Interpretation of the Philosophy of the Age of Sophists
— Binod Kumar Agarwal
10. The Needs Principle
— Tariq Islam
11. Some Ethical Questions in Social Justice
— Debashis Guha
12. Subaltern Morality and Social Justice
— Ramesh Chandra Sinha
Part III : Issues Concerning Rights
13. The Third Sex and Social Justice
— Ashok Kumar Verma
14. Justification of Capital Punishment
— Girish Baruah
15. Language Rights and Social Justice in a Multilingual Ethos
— Imtiaz Husnain
16. Subaltern Consciousness in sixteenth-seventeenth Centuries : Sensitizing Egalitarian Approach to Life
— Damodar Singh
17. Issues Concerning Rights of Children
— Ameeta Jaiswal
Part IV : Reservation and Reverse Discrimination
18. Morality and Social Justice — An Analytical Study on Preferential Treatment
— Y.V. Satnarayana
19. Reservation and Social Disintegration
— Mahesh Singh
20. Reverse Discrimination : Its Meaning and Justification
— Prabhu Narayan Mandal
21. Reservation and Reverse Discrimination
— M.P. Chaurasia
22. Gandhi and Ambedkar : Self-Purification Versus Self-respect
— Alok Tandon
Part V : Socio-Centric Morality
23. Hindu View of Social Justice
— S.P. Dubey
24. Socio-Ethical Dimension of Mahabharata Morality
— Rajjan Kumar
25. Morality and Social Justice in Islam
— Sajida Adeeb
26. Islamic Morality with Special Reference to Justice : An Ethical Justification
— Md. Sirajul Islam
27. Morality in Islam : An Appraisal
— Imteyazul Haque Khan
28. Social Justice : One of the Greatest Gifts of Buddhism to the World
— Abha Singh
29. Early Buddhism and its Ethics
— Saraswati Mishra
30. The Central Elements of Social Morality in the Jaina Perspective
— Vijaya Kumar
Part VI : Nishkama-Karma, Development, Education
31. Nishkama-Karma
— B.R. Shanta Kumari
32. Social Justice and Development
— Sharat Chandra Panigrahi
33. Social Justice and Development on Plato’s Radar
— Madhubala Kumari
34. An Approach to Education and Social Justice
— Priti Kumari

Meet the Author
ABHA SINGH is a Professor of Philosophy at Magadh University, Bodh Gaya. She has been awarded National Merit scholarship in intermediate arts and at the graduate level (philosophy honours), as well as gold medal in postgraduate philosophy and has received her PhD in 1986 and D.Litt. in 2003. She received a Residential Fellowship from Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi, and has completed two research projects sponsored by University Grants Commission as well. She is currently serving on the editorial board of the journal World of Philosophy. Singh is the author of Nature of Ethical Arguments in Meta-ethics (1998) and Ramanujacharya, Edmund Husserl and Jean Paul Sartre on Consciousness -- A Study (in press). Also authored by her include more than three dozen research papers. The recent focus of her work has been on gender studies.
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