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Integrity of the Yoga Darsana

A Reconsideration of Classical Yoga by: Ian Whicher

This innovative reading of Patanjali’s Yoga-sutras discuss how Yoga enables one to live more fully in the world without being enslaved by worldly identification. It challenges misperception about Yoga and argues for a fresh understanding of the practical relevance of Yoga.



ISBN: 9788124601549
Year Of Publication: 2000
Edition: 1st
Pages : xii, 426
Bibliographic Details : Bibliography; Index
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Size: 23 cm.
Weight: 750


The Integrity of the Yoga Darshana centres on the thought of Patanjali, the great exponent of the authoritative and Classical Yoga school of Hinduism and the reputed author of the Yoga-sutras. In this textual, historical, and interpretive study, whicher offers a plausible and innovative reading of the ‘intention’ of the Yoga-sutras, namely that Yoga does not advocate the abandonment or condemnation of the world, but rather supports a stance that enables one to live more fully in the world without being enslaved by worldly identification. Challenging and correcting misperceptions about Yoga drawn by traditional and modern interpretations of the Yoga-sutras, the author argues for a fresh vision of the spiritual potential present in this seminal text, thereby contributing to our understanding of the meaning and practical relevance of Yoga and its reception today. “A superb piece of work, this book provides an original, constructive, and insightful interpretation of the Yoga system.”


1. Selected Background Material on the Development of Yoga in Early Hindu Thought
The Term “Yoga”
Yoga in the Vedas
Yoga in the Upanishads
Yogic Themes in the Bhagavadgita and the Mokshadharama
Yoga and Samadhi
The Pedagogical Dimension of Yoga: (i) The Practitioner (Yogin) and the Commitment to Practice
The Pedagogical Dimension of Yoga: (ii) The Spiritual Guide or Preceptor (Guru)
Concluding Remarks
2. The Yoga-Sutra: Introduction and Metaphysical Perspective
Introduction to Patanjali and the Yoga-Sutra
Distinguishing Samkhya and Yoga, and the Transition to the Yoga-Sutra
Prakriti as Viewed in the Yoga-Sutra
The Purusha-Principle in the Yoga-Sutra
3. The Mind (Citta): Its Nature, Structure, and Functioning
An Introduction to Karma, Samskara, and Vasana

Meet the Author
Ian Whicher is Deputy-Director of the Dharam Hinduja Institute of Indic Research at the University of Cambridge.
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