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Ashwini A. Mokashi
1968,  Female ,  Indian ,  Former President, Princeton Research Forum

Ashwini Mokashi was educated at the University of Pune and at King’s College, London. She taught Philosophy at Pune in Wadia and Ferguson colleges and as a guest lecturer at the University of Pune, she taught a comparative course in Ancient Greek and Sanskrit during 1993-95. She now lives in Princeton, New Jersey and works on her writings in philosophy as an independent research scholar. She has served two terms as President of the Princeton Research Forum. Her next project is a personal and philosophical account of a meditational community in Pune and Nimbal.

1. Susan Stebbing Award, King’s College, London (1992).
2. ICPR Junior Fellowship, New Delhi.
3. British Council Fellowship (1992).
4. Natu Foundation Award and various other prizes for the top rank in M.A. (1991).
5. Charles Wallace Trust Award, a British Council Award, for reading Greek language at King’s College London, (1992).
6. International Students’ Trust Award, London (Jan 1992 – Dec. 1992).
7. University grants’ Commission Certificate for passing National Entrance Test (NET) for Lectureship, (July 1991), a qualification required to tach at Indian Universities.
8. Open merit Scholarship, (June 1988 – May 1989).
9. UGC Scholarship, (August 1989 – May 1991).
10. Indian Council of Philosophical Research awarded Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) for supporting research for Ph.D. (July 1994 – July 1995).
11. Frances Hutner Grant Award given by PRF in 2003 for travel to give a talk.


1. Member of Princeton Research Forum, NJ.
2. Former member of International Plato Society & Aristotelian Society, London.
3. Former member of Asian Society, Mumbal.
4. Former member of American compensation Association.

1. ‘Reflections on Aristotle’s Criticism of Forms’, published in Indian Philosophical quarterly, July 1990 – Student section.
2. Sapiens and Sthitaprajna: A Comparative Study in stoic Seneca and the Bhagavad-Gita’, published by D.K. Printworld.
3. Work-In-Progress: A personal and philosophical account of a meditative community in Pune and Nimbal – including the philosophy from various saintly literature in Marathi and Hindi from 13th century to the 19th century.

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