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Impact of Buddhism on Socio-Religious Life of the Asian People

With Special Reference to Sri Lanka, China and Tibet by: Bhupender Heera

The book analyses the social and cultural transformation of the people of Asia, particularly in Sri Lanka, China and Tibet brought about by Buddhist monks, missionaries and royal personages in a matter of centuries.


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ISBN: 9788186921432
Year Of Publication: 2007
Edition: 1st
Pages : xviii, 269
Bibliographic Details : Bibliography; Index
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: Decent Books
Size: 23
Weight: 550


Buddhism is an ancient religion that spread across Asia in a matter of centuries and had a rare kind of influence on the social and religious life of the Asian peoples. The volume stresses on the social and cultural transformation brought about by Buddhism when the royalty in these countries adopted the religion and propagated it. It deals with Sri Lanka’s evolution into a stronghold of Theravàda Buddhism and China and Tibet’s contribution to the Mahàyàna and Tantrayàna Buddhist traditions. It takes up the royal patronage and zeal of missionaries, Buddhist influence on the social structure and personal names, impact of Buddhism on customs, lifestyle, food habits and spread of education and learning in Sri Lanka. It covers factors that encouraged spread of Buddhism in China, architectural and art works undertaken there, and the flourishing of Buddhist literature and missionary work under royal patronage in that country. The work captures the effect of Buddhism on Tibetan religious thinking and social life. It also discusses the later socio-cultural transformation of people of nearby countries owing to the missionary zeal of Buddhism in those countries. Throughout, the work refers to numerous legends and accounts for detailing the contribution of monks, missionaries and royal personages. The book will prove immensely valuable to Buddhist scholars keen on studying the evolution and impact of Buddhism in Asia.


Transliteration Chart
1. Introduction to Cultural Geography of Buddhist Asia
2. State of Society and Religion in Pre-Buddhist Asian Countries
State of Society and Religion in pre-Buddhist India
State of Society and Religion in pre-Buddhist Ceylon
State of Society and Religion in pre-Buddhist China
State of Society and Religion in pre-Buddhist Asian Countries
3. Buddhism and Cultural Transformation of Asian People by Devout Royalty
The Buddha : A Peripatetic Propagator of His Own Religion
Role and Contribution of Ashoka in Propagation of Saddharma and Cultural Transformation
4. Impact of Buddhist Thought and Culture on Sri Lankan People
Mahinda and Introduction of Buddhism in Sri Lanka
Missionary Activities of Sri Lankan Royalty
Impact of Buddhism on Sri Lanka
Ceremonies and Festivals of Sri Lanka
5. Impact of Buddhist Thought and Culture on Chinese People
Buddhist Cultural Impact on Chinese Life and the Silk Route
Sea Route and the Transformation of Buddhism to China
Missionary Cultural Torch-Bearers of Buddhism from Central Asia
Cultural History of Debut of Buddhism on Chinese Soil
Missionary Activities of Monk Scholars and Evangelization of the Chinese
Buddhist Imprint on Chinese Life
6. Impact of Buddhist Thought and Culture on Tibetan People
Brief History of Introduction of Buddhism in Tibet
Role of Indian Pandits in Establishing Buddhism in Tibet during Seventh and Eighth Centuries
Buddhist Sects of Tibet and their Founders
Nyingmapa Sect
Buddhist Influence on Tibetan Life and Culture
7. Religio-Cultural Transformation of Korea, Japan and other South-East Asian Countries
Religio-Cultural Transformation of Korea
Buddhism and Religio-Cultural Metamorphosis of Japan
Religio-Cultural Transformation of Some Important South-Asian Countries
Buddhism and Religio-Cultural Transformation of Burmese People
Religio-Cultural Transformation of Siam
Kampuchea and its Religio-Cultural Transformation
Buddhist Impress on Vietnam
Religio-Cultural Transformation of Sumatra and Java
8. Contribution of Buddhist Thought and Culture to Literature, Art and Architecture of Asian Countries
Contribution of Buddhism to Literature of Asian Countries
Contribution of Buddhism to the Art and Architecture of Asian Countries
The Buddhist Sculpture of Central Asia and China

Meet the Author
Dr Bhupender Heera (1976- ) completed his School Education at Katra, the base camp of Shri Mata Vaishnavi Devi Shrine, in Jammu & Kashmir State. After graduating from Govt. Degree College Udhampur, Dr Heera successfully received three year Diploma in Architecture Engineering. Subsequently, in 2001, he obtained M.A. Degree in Buddhist Studies with First Class from the University of Jammu. In 2005, he was awarded the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Buddhist Studies from the same university. Dr Heera also obtained M.A. Degree in Philosophy from Gurukul Kangri University Haridwar with First Class in year 2007.
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