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Fundamentals of Hinduism (PB)

by: Sir Monier Monier-Williams

One of the earliest authoritative works by a famous Western scholar, on the fundamental aspects of Hinduism, its beliefs, philosophy and practice. It also discusses critically the Vedic and Upaniùadic literature and philosophy, central doctrines, traditions and pilgrim centres.



ISBN: 9788124606070
Year Of Publication: 2012
Edition: 1st
Pages : ix, 206p.
Bibliographic Details : 1 Folded Map; Appendices; Index
Language : English
Binding : Paperback
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Size: 23
Weight: 400


The book is one of the earliest authoritative works on the fundamental nature of Hinduism, authored by a noted Western scholar, Sir Monier Monier-Williams. The scholarly work deals with the fundamental aspects of Hinduism: the nature of its beliefs, philosophy and practice. It provides precious details on the principal works of Hinduism: the Vedas, the Upanishads and the Dharmashastras. It discusses the essence of the Vedic hymns, the Brahmanas and the sacrificial system, the Upanishadic philosophy, the doctrine of triple manifestations, and the development of sectarian beliefs — Shaivism, Vaisnavism and later Shaktism. The in-depth study delves objectively into the major concepts and doctrines associated with Hinduism, such as, the doctrine of incarnation, doctrine of devotion and idol-worship as well as the caste system. It presents a discussion on the famous places held sacred by the Hindus which are the major centres of pilgrimage: the city of Benares, Allahabad, Gaya, Nashik and Haridwar, among others.


1. Introduction
2. The Vedic Hymns (Mantras)
3. The Brahmanas and the Sacrificial System
4. The Upanishads and Brahmanical Philosophy
5. Brahmanical Law, Domestic Usages, and Caste
6. The Buddhistic Movement, and its Influence on Brahmanism
7. Development of Hinduism, and the Doctrine of Triple Manifestation (Trimurti)
8. Development of Shaivism, Vaisnavism, and the Doctrine of Incarnation
9. The Doctrine of Devotion (Bhakti): as Developed in the Puranas and Tantras
10. Medieval and Modern Sects
11. Modern Castes
12. Modern Idol-worship, Sacred Objects, Holy Places and Times
Distinctive Features of the Six Schools of Philosophy
Eclectic School — The Bhagavad-Gita
The Carvakas

Meet the Author
Sir Monier Monier-Williams (b. 1819-1899) in his earlier career taught Asian languages at the East India Company College, and delved deep into the cultural heritage of India, its religious practices in vogue, including modern Hinduism. His aims being practical rather than speculative and his vast practical knowledge of India and her people, earned him the professorship of the Boden Chair of Sanskrit at Oxford University where he studied, documented and taught Asian languages and also compiled one of the most widely used Sanskrit-English dictionaries. In 1883, he also founded the Indian Institute at Oxford University that provided a perfect training ground for studies focused on Indology.
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