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Existence, Experience and Ethics

Essays for S.A. Shaida by: A. Raghuramaraju

The essays study different dimensions of the modern autonomous individual existence such as the pre-selfconscious self and the mind’s ‘insane’ aspects. They discuss artistic, especially aesthetic, experience, and ethics and moral philosophy.



ISBN: 9788124601389
Year Of Publication: 2000
Edition: 1st
Pages : xi, 372
Bibliographic Details : Index
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
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This book, a Festschrift for Professor S.A.Shaida and dealing with matters close to his heart, brings together a wide spectrum of essays written by scholars from philosophy, social sciences, feminism, literature and religion; and engages with some of the most fundamental themes in the domains of existence, experience and ethics. The first section represents different interrogations of the autonomous individual existence postulated by modernity. Each of the essays here attempt to broaden the ground of existence by highlighting aspects of its ‘underside’: the mental, the ‘insane’ aspects of mind, the experience of pre-selfconscious self, the history of autonomous individual before its invention in modern Europe, and such other forms of existence as ‘you’ and ‘we.’ The essays in the second section discuss experience, more specifically artistic experience, which constitutes an important facet of human existence. The discussion centres on aspects of the debate between purists and realists in aesthetics, and articulates the need to go beyond these polarities. From an aesthetics that is concerned with the heightened level of experience, the next section deals with issues of ethics and moral philosophy and engages questions of universalism, liberalism, objectivism, fact-value dichotomy, phenomenology of values and so on. The last section traverses the ground of inter-religious interaction and dialogue. The uniqueness of this volume lies in its multidisciplinary space of articulation and would be of considerable interest to teachers and students in the history of philosophy, religion, social sciences, aesthetics and literature. The methodological ground leared by most of the papers could lend a further critical edge to contemporary studies of the modern disciplines.


— A. Raghuramaraju

Part I
Existence: ‘I’ ‘You’ and ‘We’
1. ‘I’, ‘You’, and ‘We’: An Exploration
— Margaret Chatterjee
2. What Mental States are Not
— Amitabha Das Gupta
3. Writing Phenomenology of Mental Illness : Extending the Universe of Ordinary Discourse
— Bhargavi V.Davar
4. Self, Identity and (Indian) Philosophy : Cross-Currents
— Sasheej Hegde
5. The (Dark) Womb of Rights : An Exploration in Political Gynecology
— A. Raghuramaraju
6. Identity, Subject and the Ontology of Self
— Ahmed Nizar
7. Emmanuel Levinas’ Concept of ‘Other’ : A Critical Reading Through the Lens of Transcendence
— Prasenjit Biswas

Part II
8. Life as Literature, Literature as Philosophy
— Bijoy H. Boruah
9. Art and Life : Aesthetic Purism Revisited
— Rekha Jhanji
10. On Miscommunication : A Study of Two Stories by Milan Kundera
— B.N.Patnaik
11. Marxism and Aesthetics
— S.S. Barlingay
12. Ethics, Aesthetics and Human Existence in G.E. Moore
— Hasna Begum

Part III
13. Moral Principles
— P.R.Bhat
14. Resituating Duties in their Rightful Place
— Satya P. Gautam
15. Objectivity and Prescriptivism
— Jagat Pal
16. Can Values be Derived from Facts?
— Vanlalnghak
17. Lebenswelt and the Welter of Values : Towards an Overview of Phenomenology of Values
— V.T. Sebastian
18. Justice as State of the Soul : Plato and Gandhi
— Pabitrakumar Roy

Part IV
Ethics Applied to Religion
19. Religion and Ethics
— Asghar Ali Engineer
20. Reflections on the Diversity of Religious Life
— Syed Vahiduddin
21. Inter-Religious Dialogue : A Study of D.Z. Phillips, John Hick and Maurice Friedman
— Goutam Biswas
Notes on Contributors

Meet the Author
A. Raghuramaraju has a research degree in philosophy from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. He presently teaches at the University of Hyderabad, having had an earlier stint at the Goa University. He has also been a Fellow of the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Simla. He publishes in the areas of social and political philosophy, bio-ethics, contemporary Indian philosophy, and critiques of the Enlightenment.
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