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    The Art of Naina Dal...

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The Art of Naina Dalal

Contemporary Indian Printmaker


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Genral Editor: Ratan Parimoo; Gauri Parimoo Krishnan
ISBN: 9788124609842
Year Of Publication: 2019
Edition: 1st Edition
Pages : 208
Language : English
Binding : Hardcover
Publisher: D.K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd.
Size: 25
Weight: 1800


This coffee table book on contemporary art unravels the artistic journey of a talented artist in Naina Dalal, covering a span of fifty-nine years, mainly in the printmaking activities. It showcases her flight as a painter in thinking, perceiving, imagining, creatively objectifying and expressing her artistic acumen through the medium of printmaking processes, her lifetime quest. The book traces the stages through which this versatile artist matured traversing the different realms as a painter, lithographer, etcher and a calligraphy artist.
Further, this monograph is an embodiment of her several decades of artistic wisdom, maturity and thematic range. The images herein deliberate on many a political, social and ethical challenge that infects the society. Along with some shade of feminism, one also comes across her passion in reflecting the true conditions of humanity. These paintings should stir the consciousness of artists, connoisseurs and critics alike.r


1          Naina Dalal, the Artist and her Art of Printmaking – Nuzhat Kazmi

2          Plates: London Lithographs

3          Plates: Baroda, Found Objects

4          Nainaben’s Uniqueness – Jagadish Shivpuri

5          Plates: Collagraphs

6          Karunarasa: The Art of Naina Dalal – Gunalan Nadarajan

7          Plates: Linocuts

8          Plates: Nudes, Different Media

9          Naina Dalal at Jharokha and Art Konsult – Suneet Chopra

10        Plates: Landscapes, Still Life

11        Plates: Man & Woman

12        Plates: Female Heads

13        Plates: Male Heads

14        Plates: Woman & Horse

15        Plates: Mother

16        Plates: New Born Child

17        Artistic Crusader: Naina Dalal’s deep interest in conditions of humanity… – Geoffrey Eu

18        Plates: Bench Series

19        Plates: Talking over the Wall

20        Plates: Old Age

21        Plates: Childhood Memories

22        Aam Aadmi se ek Darja Niche Rahne ke Dard ko ukerati hain Naina Dalal – Leena Avadhesha Mishra

23        Plates: Disaster / Atrocities

24        Naina Dalal, My Story as Print maker ( + Bio Photos)

25        The Tree Within, a poem by Anahite Contractor

26        Bibliography

  1. A) Exhibition Reviews
  2. B) Critical Essays
  3. C) Mention in general articles

27        Naina Dalal – Biodata

28        Naina Dalal’s Works in Private and Public Collections









“The Art of Naina Dalal”

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