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Implementation of Data Structures through Object Oriented Programming Language

by: Dr. Vijay kumar singh , Urmila Bararia



ISBN: 9788194622178
Year Of Publication: 2024
Edition: 1st
Pages : viii, 164
Bibliographic Details : Bibliography
Language : English
Binding : Paperback
Publisher: Shakti Publications
Size: 22
Weight: 400


This book covers most of the basic topics of Data Structures. The logic behind every program of data structures with inclusion of flowcharts, pseudo codes and programs. The programs are written by using the concepts of object oriented programming language in C++ which are verified and tested. The topics covered in this book are linked list, stacks, queue, binary tree, threaded binary tree, traversals – BFS & BFS, different sorting methods, hashing and AVL. We have also explained the basic concepts of OOPs. In this book, we have explained the hashing and AVL and we expect that students will try to write the small programs in these topics as well. Individual topics of programs cover the pseudo code, diagrammatic representation and the concepts of that particular topic. We have tried to explain the topics in a very simple manner and we hope that the students will be able to understand the topics well. We would suggest that after going through the entire concepts of data structures, every student should try to solve the assignment given at the end of this book and I am very sure that if student does this exercise, he will never forget this subject and will start loving this subject. With this exercise, not only the basics of data structures but also their concepts of different programming languages will also be made stronger. Our best wishes to the students….

1. Introduction
2. Conceptual Discussion of Different Programs
3. Singly Linked List
4. Doubly Linked List
5. Circular Linked List
6. Stacks
7. Queue
8. Binary Tree Traversal
9. Rthread Binary Tree
10. Traversals
11. Sorting
12. Programming Concept in C++
13. Implementation of Data Structures by Using CLASS
14. Hash Table
15. AVL Tree
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“Implementation of Data Structures through Object Oriented Programming Language”

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